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Special Announcement

SUMMER PARTY – Saturday Evening 22nd June   Next week.

Everybody who would like to come to the Party please sign up as soon as possible in the Clubhouse or let Nicky know by e-mail to  nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com .  We need to be able to size the catering.

The band is hired, the catering is organised, a marquee is arranged – so come and enjoy it.

The party is open to family and friends – they do not have to be Club members.

See the flyer in this week’s Coming Events on the website.

Last Week

Thursday Evening, Saga Race 6

A big turnout, 16 boats, on a lovely evening.  Griff Tanner showed the way in his RS400 – but did he beat his yardstick?  See the photos and full report by John Adams in News on the website.

Rude Mechanicals at Tamesis – Friday 7th June

The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company production had to be postponed to a later date as a result of the wet weather on Friday.  The new date is Tuesday 30th July.

Adelaide Cup and Tamesis Anchor – Saturday 8th June

Owing to winds of 18kts gusting 26kts it was decided, on the day, to postpone this event until later in the year.  The rearranged date will be advised as soon as possible.

Saturday Cadets

Andy Harris’s Cadets session went ahead despite the blustery winds – Children having lots of fun in reefed Toppers and Oppies.  See the host of excellent pictures which constitute a report on website.

Merlins at Minima. Saturday 6th June

Although our racing was cancelled due to a river closure for a canoe event, Tim Medcalf and Valerie Hamill raced his Merlin, Samanda, at Minima, coming away with both the Chindit Trophy and the Eric Archer Memorial Trophy.

This Week

Thursday Evening Sailing and Supper

Saga Trophy Race 7 (of 9). Main fleet start at 7.15, N18s at 7.17.  After sailing there is a supper of chicken and mushroom in cream sauce and chocolate pudding available – please book supper either in the Clubhouse or with Nicky by e-mail to nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com .

The Great Tea Race for the Cutty Sark Bolt and the Kempton Nut – Sunday 16th June

These Trophies are contested in Pursuit races.  The Great Tea Race for the Cutty Sark Bolt is the Senior competition and is open to all over a long course.  The Kempton Nut will be raced over a shorter time and is restricted to junior helms and entrants from the Cadets group and other young sailors.  Kempton Nut entrants will be able to complete the Cutty Sark time if they wish to be included in both competitions.

Peter Mason, Instigator of the Trophy, will be the OOD and is planning a true Tea Race over a long course.  

Competitors are asked to donate £5 per boat to the Cutty Sark.

Themed lunch menu is Cottage Pie


Next Week

SUMMER PARTY – Saturday Evening 22nd June   Come and enjoy it!

Everybody who would like to come to the Party please sign up as soon as possible in the Clubhouse or let Nicky know by e-mail to  nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com or leave a message in the Rear Commodore’s pigeonhole.  We need to be able to size the catering.

Further Forward.

Summer Holiday Sailing Camp – Starting 29th July

Tamesis Club will be running a Summer Holiday Camp which will be held during the week starting 29 July. This is now fully subscribed!  Well done Tim for conceiving and making all the arrangements this Camp.  Hopefully more such Camps in future years.



Please confirm that you can do the Duties for which you have been scheduled or swap with someone.  We are totally reliant on people doing the necessary duties to be able to complete our racing programme.

The dutyman software we use automatically notifies members when their duties are scheduled.  Please use the facility to confirm that you can do your duty or use the built-in features to get someone to swap with you if you are unable to do your duty.  Just not turning up puts the racing programme in jeopardy and may result in somebody who had intended to compete having to take the duties on and miss a race.

Chris Pollard