Tamesis Club

Saga Trophy Thursday 20th June

Nine boats competed for the 8th race for the Saga Trophy in a south westerly wind of around 5 – 10 knots, although considerably less in the lulls at either end of the course.
Of these only 4 completed 3 laps, testament to the challenges imposed by the wind and its shadows around the school and connections. 
OOD Chris Pollard decide to test the efficiency of the entrants by setting a long course from close to the club and up the river to Canbury and down to beyond the school’s influence on the westerly winds, providing much opportunity to lose or gain in the race.
In the end the race was won on the water and on handicap by Tim and Ed Metcalf in Tim’s Merlin Samanda with David and Deb Baker in the Albacore, Cobblers coming in second in handicap and 3rd on the water behind the Tanners in their RS400, with Charles Fox once again doing well with a 4th on the water and 2nd on handicap.
Overall , little has changed with Charlie Morgan heading the table of 7 qualifiers  with 4 first and four points, John and Zoe Adams 2nd with 9 points, Ken Duffell and grandson Matt Valentine 3rd in Avenger on 17 points, David Baker 4th in his Albacore Cobblers, Graham King 5th with 22 points, Charles Fox in his N18 6th on 26 points closely followed by Chris Taggart on 27.
The last race of the series is on Thursday 27th on what appears to be a warm summer evening, so come and enjoy.
Class Nr Name Helm Crew Position
Merlin 576 Samanda Tim Medcalf Ed Medcalf 1
Albacore 6813 Cobblers David Baker Deb Baker 2
N18′ 266 Genevieve Charles Fox Robert Blakebrough 3
RS400 650 Griff Tanner Louis Tanner 4
Laser 130773 Chris Taggart 5
Laser Matulim John Edmondson 6
Laser 167587 Graham King 7
Merlin 1773 Oozlam Geoff Bayliss Tom Bayliss 8
N18′ 334 Trojan Mike Adams Jennifer Adams 10
John Adams