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Saga Trophy last race and final outcome

Report by John Adams

The last race in the 2019 Saga series was a cracker, with sunshine and with a wind predominantly from the east but varying between that and west on different parts of the course.  While frustrating for some, the shifts and gusts did provide the opportunity for gaining and losing places throughout the race.

Fifteen boats came to the start line with Charlie Morgan rounding the first mark in the lead and holding that position for the first two laps.  However he fell foul of the fickle wind shifts and lost the lead to John Adams, who was in turn passed by the Tanners in the increasingly rapid RS400 and to Chris Pollard in his N18 Antedote.  Behind them there where a number of private battles with Ellen Schwartz making a first appearance in the Thursday evening series and finishing ahead of the other four Lasers.

On handicap, Charles Fox and Robert Blakebrough in the N18 Genevieve continued their fine recent form to win, with the Tanners finishing close behind on second and David Baker and Jim Green and David’s Albacore, Cobblers finishing third.

N18 266 Genevieve Charles  Fox Robert Blakebrough     1
RS400 650   G Tanner J Tanner     2
Albacore 6813 Cobblers David Baker Jim  Green     3
N18 348 Antedote Chris Pollard Caroline Stilwell     4
Merlin 1602 Saltarello John Adams Carolyne Vines     5
Merlin 1978 Lady Anne Charlie Morgan Humphrey Dorrell     6
Laser 146170 Storm Ellen Schwartz         7
Merlin 576 Samanda Tim Medcalf Ed Medcalf     8
Laser 167587   Graham King         9
Laser 135612   Peter Impey         10
Merlin 1136 Shoestring Peter Johnson Paul Jamieson     11
Merlin 1136 Hispanola Johannes Wagner L Redding     12
Laser   Matulim John Edmondson         13
Firefly 3179 Fiasco Jim Hamilton         14
Laser 171688 This side up Tim Ginn         15

Overall the final race made some changes and enabled a few more to qualify, with 10 boats completing the 4 races needed to qualify.


Charlie Morgan in his Merlin, Lady Anne, mainly crewed by Humphrey Dorrell won the series counting four firsts.  However behind him the next four positions were very close, with John Adams in his Merlin Saltarello just finishing ahead of the late charging Charles Fox in his National 18, with David Baker in his Albacore, Cobblers, close behind in fourth.

Class Number Name Helm Crews Points Position
Merlin 1978 Lady Anne Charlie Morgan Humphrey Dorrell, John Adams 4 1
Merlin 1602 Saltarello John Adams Zoë Adams, Carolyne Vines 9 2
N18 266 Genevieve Charles Fox Robert Blakebrough 10 3
Albacore 6813 Cobblers David Baker Jim Green, Sue Harris, Sally Redhead, Debbie Baker 11 4
Merlin 1004 Avenger Ken Duffell Matt Valentine 15 5
RS400 650   Griff Tanner Josie and L Tanner 18 6
Laser 208470 Grebe Stewart Colley   21 7
Laser 167587   Graham King   22 8
Fiasco 3179 Fiasco Jim Hamilton   22 9
Laser 130773   Chris Taggart   24 10
While the early races in the Saga series were dominated by Charlie Morgan, the signs are that the second half of the Thursday evening series for 2019, the GW Smith series run over July and August, will be much closer with both Charles Fox and the Tanners showing very good results in the last couple of races and David Baker not far behind in his Albacore.
So for good competition throughout the fleet and a tasty supper to round off the evening, the GW Smith series begins with the first race on Thursday 4th July.
John Adams