Tamesis Club

Tammy Matters

Last Week

Thursday Evening, Saga Race 9

The race was contested by fifteen boats – a typical end-of-Series large entry – who battled with very fickle winds in an exciting race.  See the full report by John Adams in News on the website, which includes the summing up and result of the entire Saga Trophy Series.  The G.W.Smith Trophy Series starts this week.

Saturday Cadets

Andy Harris’s Cadets session was conducted with the usual enthusiasm in hot and sunny conditions. See the report and pictures by Carolyne in News on the website.

Sunday 30th June –  Handicap and Summer Series 9

Racing took place in a very variable wind which swung all round the compass depending on where you were on the course and when.  See the photographs on the website.

This Week

Thursday Evening Sailing and Supper

G.W. Smith Trophy Race 1 (of 9) on Thursday, supper afterwards is Lamb Moussaka followed by strawberries, meringue and cream.

Sunday Racing

Summer Series 10 on Sunday during which the Merlins will compete for the Restless Trophy.

Twickenham Yacht Club will be running its annual regatta this weekend.  Racing will comprise two starts on Saturday afternoon, two on Sunday morning and a further one on Sunday afternoon.  Eligible classes are Toppers, Handicap, Enterprises, Solos and N12s.  There will also be a BBQ and party on the Saturday evening.  This is a great opportunity to support a local Club and to try sailing on different waters.  If there are juniors who would like to get involved by racing a Topper, the Club can help with boat transport.

For more details, please look at this link: https://www.twickenhamyc.co.uk/post/tyc-annual-sailing-regatta-6-7-july

It’s Merlin week at Salcombe.

Next Week

GW Smith Trophy Race 2 (of 9) on Thursday and Summer Series 11 on Sunday during which the Merlins will compete for the Restless Trophy.


Charles Fox is currently working on the entrance ramp to plans drawn up by Colin Stokes.  These works are aimed at bringing the wheelchair access up to current standards and will incorporate an extended balcony and entrance platform.  Provided the weather holds, it is hoped that these works will not take too long but, in the meantime, access to the Clubhouse will be up the central steps to the Balcony.

Special General Meeting

There will be a Special General Meeting at 2 pm on Sunday 21st July.  There has been an All Members e-mail detailing the purpose of this meeting.

Chris Pollard