Tamesis Club

Tammy Matters

Last Week

Thursday Evening, G.W. Smith Trophy Race 1

The first race of the Series was contested by fourteen boats, sailed in light and variable winds.  See the full report by John Adams in News on the website.

Saturday Cadets

Andy Harris’s Cadets had their annual barbeque party.  Sailing was restricted as the Canoe Club had a river closure for an event which meant that the Cadets had to wait until much later than usual to get on the water.  They then, however, seem to have had a high old time.  See the report by Carolyne and pictures by Jonathan Key in News on the website.

Sunday 7th July –  Handicap and Summer Series 10 and Restless Trophy

Yet again, racing took place in a very light and variable wind which swung all round the compass depending on where you were on the course and when.  The fleets were relatively small due to absences caused by Salcombe, the second biggest fleet being the Toppers – 4 this week.  This fleet is growing encouragingly – well done to all. See the report by Carolyne and pictures by Jonathan Key in News on the website.

This Week

Thursday Evening Sailing and Supper

G.W. Smith Trophy Race 2 (of 9) on Thursday, supper afterwards.

Sunday Racing

1030 Handicap race followed by normal Summer Series 11 Class racing including the Topper race at 1110 – gaining in popularity

I will be representing the Club at the River Blessing Service at Teddington Lock this Sunday.

The Cheverton (Tamesis III) will be on loan to Kingston Rowing Club as a service boat at their Annual Regatta.

Next Week

GW Smith Trophy Race 3 (of 9) on Thursday and Summer Series 12 on Sunday.


Improvements to the Club Entrance

Charles Fox is currently working on improvements to the Club entrance to plans drawn up by Colin Stokes and these works are progressing well.  The balcony extension is structurally complete and the ramp alterations are well under way.  Provided the weather holds, it is hoped that these works will be completed soon but, in the meantime, access to the Clubhouse will be up the central steps to the Balcony.

Race Duty Roster (Dutyman)

This is a very difficult thing to prepare and the initial allocations cannot take account of everybody’s personal commitments throughout the year. The Dutyman software holds all the Duties which are scheduled and gives advance warning to members of their allocated duties.  Members can also check Dutyman to find out when all their allocated duties are for the year – yours appear in red.

If you find that you are not able to be present for an allocated duty, it is incumbent on you to find a replacement to fill that duty.  It is not sufficient just to tell someone that you are not able to do it.  Dutyman is able to help you find a substitute by broadcasting a request to swap duties and informing you that someone has agreed to swap if that is the case.  The earlier you can do this the easier it is to find a swap but if something arises at the last minute you may need to do some ringing around.

Race Management with appropriate support is essential for the smooth running of our Race Series.  Please do not make the Race Officers job harder than it needs to be.

Special General Meeting

There will be a Special General Meeting at 2 pm on Sunday 21st July.  There has been an All Members e-mail detailing the purpose of this meeting.  This concerns the Constitution of the Club and you are encouraged to attend and express your views if you wish.

Chris Pollard