Tamesis Club

GW Smith Trophy Thursday 18th July

The Third race in this year’s GW Smith Trophy was run in a light (no change there!) west north westerly giving decent wind in the middle of the sausage course and fun and games at Canbury and Lensbury marks with lighter and flukier wind.

Ten boats came to the start line with Tim and Ed Medcalf making an excellent start and then disappearing into the distance, lapping all but the second Merlin of Charlie Morgan and Carolyne Vines to win the race on water and handicap.  Charlie Morgan and Carolyne Vines chased Tim, finishing just over a minute behind him with John and Zoe Adams finishing third on the water but fourth on handicap behind John Redding in his Laser.

It was good to see two juniors racing, Henry Medcalf and Alden Horowitz, in their Toppers, adding to the range of six different classes in the fleet of ten.


Merlin 576 Samanda Tim Medcalf Ed Medcalf     1
Merlin 1978 Lady Anne Charlie Morgan Carolyne Vines     2
Laser 188044   Jon Redding         3
Merlin 1602 Saltarello John Adams Zoë Adams     4
N18 336 Orion Alan Green Garrie Mallen     5
Firefly 3179 Fiasco Jim Hamilton         6
Laser 130773   Chris Taggart         7
Topper 36323   Henry Medcalf         8
Topper 40070   Alden Horwitz         9
Laser 2000 26760   Florian Krueger ? Withed     10
With three races completed in the series the early leaders are Tim and Ed Medcalf in their Merlin Samanda, with a win and two seconds.  However there are plenty of races in the series to enjoy on a summer evening and to catch the early leaders, so see you on the water on 25th.
Report John Adams