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Welcome to any new readers of Tammy Matters.

Last Week

Thursday Evening, G.W. Smith Trophy Race 3

Another beautiful summer evening, with a somewhat fickle wind.  Tim Medcalf really got the bit between his teeth and led throughout – did he beat the handicap?  John Adams’ report with the results appears in News.

Saturday Cadets

Andy Harris’s Cadets are in recess until the holiday season is over.  We will announce the re-start date nearer the time.

Sunday 21st July –  Handicap and Summer Series 12

Yet again, racing took place in a lightish and variable wind which was mainly westerly this week.   Three Toppers this week. A few words by Carolyne and pictures by Nicky Chavasse in News.

This Week

Thursday Evening Sailing and Supper

G.W. Smith Trophy Race 4 (of 9) on Thursday.  Main fleet start 7:15, N18s at 7:17. Supper of Fish Pie and a pudding afterwards.

Sunday Racing

10:30 Handicap race followed by normal Summer Series 13 Class racing.  The Topper race at 11:10 is now regularly attended and Topper sailors are encouraged to join in the racing as soon as they feel they can.  See the article by Tim Medcalf in News which was posted last week.

Next Week

G.W. Smith Trophy Race 5 (of 9) on Thursday.

There is No Sailing on Sunday 4th August due to the Surrey 100 bike ride which makes access to the Club very difficult for many people.

There is, unusually, a wedding party at the Club on Sunday 4th August with the guests intending to arrive by river transport.


Special General Meeting

The Special General Meeting was held on Sunday, 21st July.  There was a reasonably good attendance to hear the presentation on why this change is considered the correct action for the Club to take.  Several Members asked questions concerning the reasons for and effects of the proposed change to the legal constitution of the Club.  A vote, by show of hands, was taken and all those present with a right to vote supported the motion.  10 proxies were received, all of which were in favour of the motion.  The effect of the vote in favour means that, as of 1st October 2019, the Club will become a Company limited by guarantee. The Directors of this company will carry out the wishes of the Club’s Management Committee when appropriate; the running of the Club will, therefore, be unaltered.

Improvements to the Club Entrance

Charles Fox has some additional detail improvements to make to complete the alterations to the Club entrance.

WhatsApp Group Update

The Merlin Class has instituted a WhatsApp group with a view to arranging helms and crews more easily.  If you would like to join the Merlin Class ‘crew-match’ WhatsApp group either as a prospective crew or a helm looking for crew, please forward your full name and mobile number to: tcmerlins@gmail.com

Changes to the Club Website.

Kaan Yargici, our Webmaster, has modified the Home page of the website to include a button to permit visitors to the website to sign up to receive Tammy Matters. It is hoped that this will encourage new members to sign up to Tammy Matters. Welcome to those of you who have just done so.

There is also a longer list of the duty allocations covering the next seven sailing days to allow members who have not checked Dutyman to see that they are expected to do a duty.  As previously stated – Race Management with appropriate support is essential for the smooth running of our Race Series.  Please do not make the Race Officers job harder than it needs to be.

Chris Pollard