Tamesis Club

GW Smith Trophy 25th July


Report from an absent reporter

Last Thursday, 25th July, was the last race in the July set of the GW Smith Thursday evening races, and marked the too too rapid passing of the summer of 2019.

As if to emphasise the occasion the wind started off as a gentle summer zephyr from the south south west and finished up as a fierce wintry squall which upending two boats and drove another onto the Surrey bank.

10 boats experienced these varied conditions, with the Bayliss father and son (Geoff and Tom) in their Merlin leading at the end of reach lap and taking the race on the water.  Behind them the N18s of Chris Pollard and Caroline Stilwell battled with Charles Fox and Robert Blakebrough, finishing on the water in 2nd and 3rd respectively, followed by Chris Taggart in his Laser.  

Positions changed a little once handicaps had been applied with Chris Taggart taking first, followed by Charles Fox in 2nd and Jim Hamilton sailing his Laser Shy Talk in 3rd, and Bayliss father and son dropping down to 4th and Chris Pollard and Caroline in 5th.

Alden Horowitz sailed well in the Topper to finish the race in 7th on handicap.

Photos Anne Bayne

Laser        130773                    Chris    Taggart                                                                    1
N18            266        Genevieve        Charles     Fox            Robert    Blakebrough        2
Laser        120555  Shy Talk        Jim    Hamilton                                                             3
Merlin        1773        Oozlam        Geoff    Bayliss            Tom    Bayliss                        4
N18                348        Antedote        Chris    Pollard            Caroline    Stilwell            5
Merlin        1136        Shoestring        Peter    Johnson            Carolyne     Vines          6
Topper        40070                            Alden    Horowitz                                                      7
Laser        146170  Storm                Ellen    Schwartz                                                        8
Merlin        2895        Hispanola        JohannesWagner    L    Wagner                11 (DNF)
N18                336        Orion                Alan    Green            Susan    Green            11 (DNF)

Positions overall were little changed by the results with no boat yet sailing the 4 races needed to qualify, so Tim and Ed Medcalf still lead, but the other places are very open at the moment.

So still plenty to sail for in August and a chance to store up a little summer to warm the winter days.

As always the sailing was followed by a convivial evening of good food, drink and talk.