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Last Week

Thursday Evening, G.W. Smith Trophy Race 4

Despite the promise of a decent wind, the race started in ghosting conditions and stayed that way until nearly the finish, at which point the wind built up rapidly into a serious squall, upending two boats and driving another onto the Surrey bank.  If it had arrived earlier we might have had an exciting race.  John Adams’ report with the results appears in News.

Sunday 21st July –  Handicap and Summer Series 13

A lively day with a brisk Northerly wind saw a good turnout.  The Merlins had their Spinnakers out and five N18s joined the fray.

This Week

Summer Camp.  This week sees our inaugural summer camp which has been arranged by Tim Medcalfe.  The children will be on-site from about 08.30 until around 17.00 except on Thursday, when they will have supper in the Clubhouse at 19.30 before having a sleepover on the River Thames Boat Project’s Thames Adventurer. See pictures in the News item.

This week the National 18s Championships are being held at Findhorn and we wish good fortune to all those sailing under the Tamesis burgee.  Current positions after day 1 – Ace sailed by Ollie Houseman Jeremy Vines and Steve are in 6th Place.  Optimus Prime sailed by Matthew Jones Kaan Yargici and Peter Impey is 10th.

Rob Wilder crewed by Constantin Gerber is competing in the Tasar Worlds at Hayling Island SC.  They lie in 21st place after three races.

On Tuesday:  The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company will be at Tamesis Club to perform their play ‘Ikarus’.
Scroll down to the flyer after the Events list for details.

Thursday Evening Sailing and Supper

G.W. Smith Trophy Race 5 (of 9) on Thursday.  Main fleet start at 7:15, N18s at 7:17. Supper afterwards will be in two sittings.  The Summer Camp will have a supper at 7.30 and will be having Spaghetti Bolognese with Ice Cream/Sauces/Choc Flakes for pudding, the Club supper of  Chicken Harissa & Rice & Salad and Sticky Toffee Pudding/cream or ice cream being later at around 8.30.  To book supper please contact Nicky at nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com

Sunday 4th August

NO SAILING – SURREY 100 BIKE RACE.  Clubhouse Closed to Members.

There is, unusually, a large Wedding party at the Club this Sunday.  They will be setting up during the morning and the party starts at about 4pm.  Plans to arrive by boat have foundered and they will arrive by car instead.  If you can get to the Club and plan to come and work on a boat, be sure you don’t get trapped by the guest’s cars.

Next Week

G.W. Smith Trophy Race 6 (of 9) on Thursday.

Sunday Racing, 10:30 Handicap race followed by Summer Series 14 Class races in the morning and Summer Series 15 after lunch.


RYA Fleet of RS Feva dinghies

Tamesis Club has agreed to host the RYA South East Youth Training Fund (YTF)  trailer of Fevas (3 boats, 3 launching trolleys & one stacker road trailer).  These boats will be hired out by YTF to sailing clubs or sailing centres throughout the year.

However, as part of this agreement, we as the Host Club get the following benefits.

We can use the boats for club activities, as and when they are on-site and not booked out.   We can pre-book the boats at the discounted rate for a maximum of 1 week in the summer holidays.  We can advertise the fact that we have the boats to use and add them to our list of craft on promotional material.

We have a volunteer and deputy to administer the boats and keep track of their state of repair and to ensure that they are complete and ready to be collected when another Club has hired them.

I hope that we will be able to make good use of these boats which are an entry level two man racing dinghy.

Chris Pollard