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Last Week   15th to 21st October

Sunday 20th October –     The Trafalgar Trophy.  The race was well attended with 15 boats signing on and, although it did not look promising at first, it was a good race with a tightly fought finish, Peter Mason prevailed eventually.  See News.

This Week   22nd to 28th October

Remember – The clocks go back at 2am on Sunday morning – don’t be an hour early!

Sunday 27th October

There will be no 10:30 handicap race.

The Royal Outrigger Canoe Club – Hampton Court Challenge. This outrigger canoe race on October 27th has a half-river closure on our side of the river from 10:00 to 14:30 and their first race start was scheduled for 10:30.  We have negotiated with the organiser to achieve minimum mutual interference and have decided that if we cancel our 10:30 race and the canoes start at 10:45, we will be able to complete our main race start sequence before the fastest canoes return from Hampton Court.  By the time the returning canoes need to use the closed channel, on our side of the river, they are likely to be spread out and not bunched.  I will ask the OOD to brief our racers to expect racing canoes, which will be on the ‘wrong side’ of the river as they pass Tamesis, between about 11:30 and 12:00, and to afford them priority.  They will need this priority as the main river traffic will be constricted to the Surrey half of the river.  They are also doing a second race from 13:00 to 14:00 which will be of concern to the Training programme and any casual sailors.

This is also RNLI day when we race for RNLI burgees.  It is important that we support this charity which is so relevant to us. Competitors in the main races are asked to donate £5 to the RNLI.  The racing flags will be presented to the winner of each Class race.  Races will start at the normal time but we will not be holding a 10:30 handicap race (see above).   Competitors in these races are asked to avoid interfering with the racing Outrigger Canoes as they return since they are in a National Series competition.

We will be serving Fish Pie for lunch as part of the RNLI ‘Fish Supper’ campaign.  Additionally, the RNLI will be setting up their stall in the Clubhouse, selling their Christmas Cards and other goodies – a great way to start the Christmas shopping!

Next Week.  29th October  to 4th November

Sunday 3rd November – The Trowlock Trophy – A pursuit race which is an Open event.  Start times to be published later.

Further Ahead

Thursday 14th November – We have moved the first of this season’s Club Suppers with Talks to the second Thursday of the month.  The speaker will be Suzette Dela Vega-Edmondson, a member of Tamesis, who has very kindly agreed to come and tell us about the Battersea Power Station development – an iconic site all of us will know of and will be very interested to learn more about!   See the News article.

Sign up in the Clubhouse or email Nicky on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com.  This is really important so we can gauge numbers for supper.  Don’t forget that the evening is open to all so bring family and friends with you but don’t forget to sign up.

Saturday 23rd November – The Autumn Dinner and Prize Giving will be held.  This is a major event in the Club’s social calendar and all are encouraged to come along, especially those who have won prizes in the Series competitions.

A Reminder 

For those who knew her, the Memorial Service for Margaret Tholstrup is on Friday 25th October.  John would be very pleased to see you at the Memorial Service for Margaret at St Margaret’s Church, Putney, at 1:30pm, followed by a Reception at the Roehampton Club on Roehampton Lane.

Management of the Club

As with many Member’s Clubs, Tamesis relies on willing volunteers from amongst the membership to fulfil the various management roles which are essential to the running of the Club and making Membership the enjoyable experience which we all would like it to be.  We are coming up to that time of year when we need nominations for a number of the Management Officers and we are looking for people who would be prepared to participate in the running of the Club.

The only qualifications which are required are what you can bring to the Club in terms of your own life experience.  Long term membership of the Club, though valuable, is not essential, in fact, a fresh approach can have great benefits, as we have seen this year with the introduction of a Summer Camp, the start of Paddleboarding at the Club and the hosting of the RYA Feva’s.

If you would like to know more about this, please get in touch with me.  My contact details are on the back of the Club Sailing Programme.

Chris Pollard