Tamesis Club

Tamesis 2nd in windy Three Club Burgee Trophy

The Annual 3 Burgee Team Racing contest took place on Saturday 26th October at Minima Yacht Club.

Saturday 26th dawned with strong winds force 5 SSW with up to 25mph gusts and rain forecast during the afternoon, in the time for our racing at Minima in the 3 Burgees

There were 3 teams – Minima, Thames Sailing and Tamesis.  Our team, Matt P-J and Sean Roberts, Ken Duffell and Joe Woods, David Baker and Peter Johnson, decided to tow our 3 boats using Tamesis 3 plus 2 trolleys and masts to Minima – slightly regretted later for our return journey!

Racing started at 2:30 with Thames against Tamesis.  The course was a small sausage with two marks at each end, needing a beat up river and a run back with a noticeable current – 3 rounds -Thames had 3 top helms (Salcombe winner Alex Jackson) and came 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Matt P-J was 4th, Ken D 5th and David B 6th.

Our 2nd race followed 5 minutes later, just in time for the rain to start, this time against Minima. Again, Matt PJ came in 1st, David B 2nd and Ken D 3rd (a good result) with Minima taking up the last 3 places.

There was then a welcome tea break and cakes before starting the next session, by which time it was raining heavily and strong gusts were frequent. Once again Thames expertise prevailed and they took the first 3 places whilst Tamesis had Matt 4th, David B 5th and Ken D taking up the rear after picking up some weeds.

The final round against Minima was more challenging with Matt PJ 1st, Ken D 3rd and David B, after struggling with a large amount of weeds, regaining 5th place on the last leg which thankfully put us in 2nd place overall.

It was a great afternoon’s racing albeit wet, cold and windy but Minima were very hospitable and offered plenty of hot tea and the bar open after the racing.

We had an interesting tow back in the dark, with no lights, finally winding up at 19:00 at Tamesis all looking forward to a well-deserved hot shower.

Report by Peter Johnson