Tamesis Club

Tamesis Development and Technology dinner – 5th December 2019

Hi all,

We’ve decided to make use of Thursday 5th December’s Club Supper and Talk night to have an informal discussion about all things Development and Tech at Tamesis Club.

Tamesis Club already uses many bits of technology but some of these we use really well and some of these we simply don’t use enough!

So we thought it would be a good idea to share what we have, talk about how we can use it better, and come up with ideas on what we could be doing in future. We’re sure there are many ideas out there just waiting to be tapped in to make the club even more exciting for members and future members alike.

Kaan will keep the evening ticking along and with the help of others will provide demos and discussions on the following areas:

  • Dutyman, and looking at how we run it
  • Race Results and The Smithy – can we bring race results to the clubhouse TV before everyone has packed away their boats?!
  • Merlin class and Sailwave to calculate handicaps
  • The website, including Google Analytics to see where in the world people are viewing and site and how often. We’ll have a mini quiz on the most popular pages on the website! (Not including the home page!)
  • iZettle cashless vending, and the idea of adding iZettle eCommerce to the website. Could be very useful.
  • WhatsApp, and how it can help us, e.g. Merlin Group
  • Tamesis GSuite – where Tamesis Flag Officers write and keep club documents, or SHOULD keep club documents!
  • Tamesis Weather Station – getting the most out of it
  • …and more.

Lastly, this is a bit of a tester, and assuming we find it useful will be looking to do something similar again in February as we gear up to Spring and Summer seasons.

So please join us for this informal evening of looking in to the future, and of course dinner!

Many thanks.