Tamesis Club

Thursday Technology and Development Night

Kaan Yargici our Technology Guru hosted a highly entertaining evening talking about Tamesis technology and development on 5th December.

It started with a hilarious video game for three participants who were required to cook a pan of onion soup – much harder than it sounds and very funny to watch the figures scurrying around on the screen.

Kaan then took us through aspects of the website and how to use it.  We were shown how to create a news item, how Tammy Matters is created, and so on.  He touched briefly on Mailchimp which is used to circulate Tammy Matters, how we run Dutyman, the Weather Station and the end of the website, and Race Results.

There was a lot of enthusiasm in the room and discussion on how we can use technology to make it easier to run the club.

Thanks go to Jo Carstens and team for a tasty dinner and keeping us watered.