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Last Week  17th to 23rd December

Sunday 22nd December. Neither the 10:30 Handicap race nor the Winter Series 9 races took place.  The recent rain had resulted in the river becoming swollen and flowing at about 6 knots.  This, in combination with no reliable wind, led OOD Steve Katz to decide that racing should be abandoned, which was just as well because, by the time the 10:30 race should have started, the Clubhouse was practically marooned and the launch, Tamesis lll, seemed to be moored in the middle of the river.  The task of recovering the flags was delegated to Matt Dalton as the only person equipped with full height wellies.

Monday 23rd December. The Christmas Pilates class on Monday morning at 10:30 to which the teacher, Jo Zorian, had invited Club members occurred and there was coffee and mince pies afterwards.

This Week  24th to 30th December

Thursday 26th December.  The annual Boxing Day races are planned to be held but it will all depend on the stream and the wind as to whether they will be possible.

Sunday 29th December. Similarly, the 10:30 Handicap race and the Winter Series 10 races will be dependent on conditions.  There is still a lot of water to come out of the West.

Next Week  31st December to 6th January 2020

Sunday 5th January. The 10:30 Handicap race followed by the Winter Series 11 races will take place – hopefully conditions permitting by then.

Further Ahead

Thursday 9th January 2020 – 7.30pm for 8pm start.    We are delighted that Ros Warwick-Haller will be telling us about the reintroduction of the Jersey Red-Billed Chough which was part of her MSc thesis research.  This bird had been considered locally extinct on Jersey since 1929 until a project in 2012 began to restore Jersey’s Coastal biodiversity to its former glory.    Ros spent six weeks at the Durrell Zoo and will tell us about her research giving us an overview of the three core Jersey rewilding processes:  captive breeding, soft-release and coastal restoration taking in successes, limitations and recommendations for the future.  Come and find out all about it.  A fascinating evening is promised.       Sign up in the Clubhouse or email Nicky on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com

Ladies Night – This had been rescheduled to Saturday 11th January but House Committee members asked for a later date to be set.  We will look at possible dates in spring but, in the meantime, we would welcome comments from members on the content they would like to see for the evening – game requests / quiz / music etc.  We would also like to encourage some younger members to attend and would appreciate some input from them as to what would make it more attractive to them whilst not making it less attractive to our current loyal supporters – do let us know please. This is a chance to have your say!!   Email Nicky on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com or give me a call.

Saturday 1st February  The Vice Commodore’s Dinner.

Saturday 23rd February  The Annual General Meeting.

A Long Way Ahead but for early consideration – Following last year’s very successful Summer Camp, Tim Medcalf has organised one for 2020 with the option of a second week if the demand is there.  See last week’s Tammy Matters for Tim’s resume which will be republished at intervals.

Notice  For those who want to monitor the water level at Trowlock Island, this can be seen at https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/7269?direction=u

Chris Pollard