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Sunday 29th December




Are they going out today or not?


It looked like there wasn’t going to be any sailing again on Sunday.  The current was still strong, and the light and flukey wind coming from the south.  The racing was postponed until the wind filled in enough. OOD Chris Pollard laid a short course in front of the clubhouse.

Two Merlins went out, followed by three Lasers, and were out for about half an hour.

Thanks to the race team of Chris Pollard, Mark, Robin Lince and Paul Jamieson  for their part and to Lauren, Tommy and Leon for laying on the food and drinks.

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  1. Great photo of the gulls sunning themselves on the boatshed roof. They all cleared off before I managed to get a pic.
    Nice to know Tammy is doing it’s green bit as an attractive wildlife sanctuary for overwintering seabirds!

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