Tamesis Club

Very Hairy Bloody Mary 2020

The 46th Annual GW Direct Bloody Mary Pursuit Race held at Queen Mary SC in Staines  on Saturday 11th January turned out to be a survival event.  280 boats of varying classes entered but only 169 finished the long course.  The weather forecast was correct, and a lot of teams didn’t go out. Launching against the gusty strong onshore wind proved to be a real challenge. Once out, many others found it too much and retired.

Griff Tanner and Arthur Henderson coming in Griff’s RS400

Three Tamesis boats entered – two National 18s and Griff Tanner in his RS400.  Griff got lucky and picked up a crew from the shore – ex Tamesis Cadet Arthur Henderson. Ollie Houseman, Steve Watton and Jeremy Vines sailed their new National 18′ ‘Ace’ and Matt Jones, Peter Impey and Joe in Optimus Prime also represented the 18s.  Optimus Prime capsized early on and retired.  Ace (shown in the cover picture) finished and had a great sail.

The winner of the 2020 GW Direct Bloody Mary Pursuit Race – Dylan McPherson and Jack Lewis