Tamesis Club

Vice Commodore’s Dinner

The Vice Commodore, Carolyne, having set a cheerful tone with the provision of an excellent fizz, called the assembled company to order.  Following a very good dinner from Chef Ollie and his team, Alan Green, the current holder of the Uffa Spoon, presented an comprehensive picture of the year’s less planned occurrences, finishing with a detailed description of the circumstances which warranted Brian Harper-Lewis becoming the new holder of the Spoon.

This event was the last to be masterminded by Nicky Johnson as Rear Commodore (House) and was an excellent example of the attention to detail which she has applied to events during her tenure of this Office.

Chris Pollard

The cover picture shows Alan Green presenting the Uffa Spoon to the new holder Brian Harper-Lewis.  Brian is often to be seen mowing the grounds, cleaning the foreshore and many other jobs.  His work is invaluable in keeping the club going.

My thanks go to all the participants and organisers – Alan Green for his very amusing speech, Brian for accepting the ‘Uffa Spoon’. The organisers – Nicky Johnson and the House Committee for planning and setting up the clubhouse on the day. David Baker for organising the welcome drink, Chris Pollard for production of the superb menu card. Ollie the chief and his team for the fabulous meal.  Never to forget our staff – Harry Harris and Megan in the bar, and Jakob and Leon in the kitchen.