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Last Week  11th to 17th February

Thursday 13th February –  Suzette Dela Vega-Edmondson gave a very clear and fascinating insight into the goals of the Battersea Power Station project and the difficulties faced by this £1.7bn development.  She outlined the Power Station’s history and the current progress of the project and how the team is employing both traditional and modern methods. A full report by Carolyne is in News.

Sunday 16th February. The 10:30 Handicap race followed by the Winter Series 17 races were scheduled to take place but Storm Dennis, though less exotically named and milder than Ciara, put paid to any sailing this week.  Despite this, a number of members came to the Club to socialise, eat and drink.  Better weather this coming week – we hope – yet again.

Instructor Refresher Day.  Eric convened this in the Cadet Clubhouse, the weather not being particularly conducive to outdoor work.

This Week  18th to 24th February

Sunday 23rd February.  The 10:30 Handicap race followed by the Winter Series 18 races are scheduled to take place.

Even if there is no sailing there will be lunch and the bar available before

The Annual General Meeting which is to be held in the Clubhouse at 2pm.

Please do your best to attend this meeting.  It is important for directing the running of the Club and the activities it engages in.  This year there are five Officers stepping down from their posts and whilst we have managed to find people to fill four of them, the Office of Hon. Treasurer is yet to be filled.  If there are any Members who feel they are qualified and would like to fill this Office I would be pleased if they would get in touch with me.

Next Week  25th February to 2nd March

Sunday 1st March   The 10:30 Handicap race followed by the Winter Series 19 races are scheduled to take place.

Further Ahead

Thursday 5th March – Club Supper and Talk

Nicholas Bayne, brother-in-law of Anne, will be giving a talk on Thursday 5th March.  It will be about the exploration of the North West passage in the 19th century by John and James Ross (remote Uncles of Christopher and Nicholas) and John Franklin ‘Erebus’ and ‘Terror’, recently discovered.  This promises to be an enlightening insight into why Ross survived when Franklin died.  It will also touch on the contact between Arctic Explorers and the Inuit.

Sign up in the Clubhouse or email Nicky on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com.  As usual there will be a two course supper for £10 per person, time 7:30pm for 8pm sit down.



Each Monday morning, between 10:30 and 11:30, Joanne Zorian-Lynn  holds a very jolly Pilates class in the Clubhouse.  This Pilates class is suitable for all ages and abilities as each exercise is offered and demonstrated for all levels.

Joanne is a specialist mat Pilates instructor with training in common orthopaedic conditions and rehabilitation.

Pilates develops flexibility, strength and confidence. It reduces stiffness in muscles and joints whilst focusing on core control, postural alignment and co-ordination.  Pilates is widely practised by sports people and recognised to be of tremendous value.

To book your place contact Joanne on -Tel: 07754 686378

Change of Tamesis Sailing Instruction 14.1  – Touching a Mark

As from 1st February the Tamesis Sailing Instructions were amended to bring the penalty for an infringement of RRS 31 (touching a Mark of the Course) in line with RRS 44 and will be to perform one turn clear of all other boats.  This change has been incorporated into the Sailing Instructions.

River Conditions

River level has been relatively stable and within the normal range in recent days.  However, the flow, which had been reducing steadily, is now building up again and will need to be watched.

For those who want to monitor the river conditions at Kingston, this can be seen at
https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Detail/1249      or at

Looking after your boat

As a postscript, the continuing stormy weather may have loosened boat covers and any tie-downs.  It will be as well to check your boat’s security as soon as possible as boats on the loose can not only become damaged themselves but may cause damage to adjacent boats.  The Club has a stock of ground anchors with which boat owners can be supplied.  If you would like some please contact Peter Johnson petnic2012@gmail.com  or Andrew Horwitz andrew@andrewhorwitz.com.

Chris Pollard.