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Last Week   25th February to 2nd March

Sunday 1st March  Again the 10:30 Handicap race was cancelled but the Winter Series 19 races took place.  Five Merlins and six Lasers raced in conditions of a strong stream and swirling wind.  The two patrol boats, which were out on the water, were put to work.  See the report in News.

This Week  3rd to 9th March

Thursday 5th March  Club Supper and Talk

Nicholas Bayne, brother-in-law of Anne, will be giving a talk on Thursday 5th March.  It will be about the exploration of the North West passage in the 19th century by John and James Ross (remote Uncles of Christopher and Nicholas) and John Franklin, Commander of the expedition in which ‘Erebus’ and ‘Terror’, recently discovered, were used.  This promises to be an enlightening insight into why Ross survived when Franklin died.  It will also touch on the contact between Arctic Explorers and the Inuit.

Sunday 8th March   The 10:30 Handicap race followed by the Winter Series 20 races are scheduled to take place.

Next Week  10th to 16th March

Sunday 15th March   The 10:30 Handicap race followed by the Winter Series 21 races are scheduled to take place.

Further Ahead

Sunday 29th March   The next event of note is the Geoff Cooper Trophy for Merlins which will be contested concurrently with their Winter Series 23 race.


River Conditions – Notice for OODs

River conditions continue to be potentially hazardous and are likely to worsen if we have further rain.

During recent racing in the present conditions, two competing boats have suffered broken masts and another a bent mast following capsizes.  Boats in this state are difficult to assist and will be carried downstream quickly whilst assistance is being given.

Race Officers should monitor the river conditions, using the link given at the end of this section, before leaving home to go to the Club.  If the wind is considered satisfactory for racing and the recorded Flow Rate is above 200 cubic metres/second they must arrange for two patrol boats to be suitably manned and on the water all the time that racing is taking place.

River conditions at Kingston, which are relevant to our reach, can be seen at


We are attempting to get hold of some alcohol-based hand disinfectant but there has been panic buying of this and most places are out of stock.  We will get some as and when we can.

In the meantime please follow the medical advice to wash hands frequently and assiduously with soap.  Bear in mind that the Club has many older members – myself included – who are the most at-risk group.

Looking after your boat

As a postscript, the continuing stormy weather may have loosened boat covers and any tie-downs.  It will be as well to check your boat’s security as soon as possible as boats on the loose can not only become damaged themselves but may cause damage to adjacent boats.  The Club has a stock of ground anchors with which boat owners can be supplied.  If you would like some please contact Peter Johnson petnic2012@gmail.com  or Andrew Horwitz andrew@andrewhorwitz.com.

Pilates on Monday mornings

Each Monday morning, between 10:30 and 11:30, Joanne Zorian-Lynn  holds a Pilates class in the Clubhouse.  This Pilates class is suitable for all ages and abilities as each exercise is offered and demonstrated for all levels.

To book a place contact Joanne on -Tel: 07754 686378

Chris Pollard