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Events have overtaken what I had proposed to publish in this week’s Tammy Matters and in the light of the Prime Minister’s announcements yesterday evening it is, with considerable regret, that I have to say that we will close the Clubhouse for an indefinite period.  In doing this the Club is in step with other local clubs which have taken similar action.  During this period, all the race equipment will be stored in the Boathouse and working in the Boathouse may continue.  We cannot prevent Club Members from using their boats should they so wish but the Club will not be offering formal racing.

I have left the newsletter I was planning to issue for you to see how we were proposing to react to the increasing threat – but much is now largely irrelevant.  We will resume racing activities as soon as is feasible and I shall continue to publish brief updates on the situation until that happens.

What was to be published follows.  That of limited relevance is in italics.

The threat posed by Coronavirus has escalated sharply this week.  Chris Taggart, who travels frequently, has developed symptoms which have led him to self-isolate as has another member with underlying medical issues.  The Bridge Group has elected to initiate the first break in its weekly gathering that has gone on, uninterrupted, for some 35 years.

I would ask any member who suspects they may be suffering coronavirus symptoms to self-isolate or, at least, not to come to the Club, as there is a large proportion of the Membership in the ‘At-Risk’ category.

In the meantime, please follow the Government advice, which is changing frequently at the moment.  It is now more important than ever that you wash your hands assiduously, with soap, every time you enter the Clubhouse.  Please ensure this by entering the Club through the main door (not the balcony door) and going immediately to wash your hands.  Bear in mind that the Club has many older members – myself included – who are the most At-Risk group.

As a result of the current situation, the Management has decided that we will, for the foreseeable future, close the Club Kitchen.  We are looking at obtaining some pre-packed snacks which will be available from the Bar and we are also looking to provide single use plastic ‘glasses’ for bar drinks.

For the moment, Sailing will continue as programmed but this will be reviewed constantly.  Scheduled Open Meetings will also be subject to continual review as to the wisdom of running them as the situation develops. 

Kaan has set up a Club Members WhatsApp group by means of which we will be able to inform you of updates immediately as it becomes necessary.  See Kaan’s note which follows.

New Tamesis Club WhatsApp group and messaging about the Coronavirus.

Hopefully you saw yesterday’s email about the new WhatsApp Club Members group we’ve set up which will help us deliver quick and short notices that shouldn’t wait for the next Tammy Matters.

An example message might be to remind members that the Club will be closed due to a particular event, etc.

This new group will be especially useful to support messaging concerning the fast-moving Coronavirus situation.   So, if you can, please go to the email and join the WhatsApp group today.

Last Week  10th to 16th March

Sunday 15th March   Again the 10:30 Handicap race was cancelled but the Winter Series 21 races took place.  Three Merlins and four Lasers raced against a strong stream and very difficult wind, particularly near to the marks.  Two patrol boats again proved to be good practice in the prevailing conditions.  See the report in News.

Training  Some training was scheduled for this Sunday but, in view of the river conditions and coronavirus situation, this did not take place.  Eric is planning to run distance-learning training on-line for the near future.

This Week  17th to 23rd March

Sunday 22nd March  The 10:30 Handicap race will probably be cancelled again but the Winter Series 22 races are scheduled to take place.

Next Week   24th to 30th March

Sunday 29th March   The next event of note is the Geoff Cooper Trophy for Merlins which will be contested concurrently with their Winter Series 23 race.

Further Ahead

Sunday 5th April  The National 18 Spring Challenge, which Alan Green arranged for the first time last year, is to be repeated.  This is an Open Meeting and it is hoped to attract outside entries from the Ultra fleet and we will establish whether there are any Club Members’ boats which may be borrowed by helms wishing to try out an N18.  The format will be three races, the first being the normal start for the N18 Class.  This event is postponed.

Sunday 12th April  (Easter Sunday)  There will be an Easter Egg Pursuit Race – details to follow.  Participants in this event will have to be aware that the annual Devizes to Westminster kayak race is scheduled to take place that day and they should allow racing canoes priority.

Much Further Ahead

Saturday and Sunday  25th and 26th April   Firefly Junior Open and Open Meetings  These events are unlikely to occur as scheduled.

Saturday Junior Sailing  Andy Harris is currently proposing to start this year’s Saturday afternoon Junior Sailing sessions on 25th April, assuming that the river flow and weather conditions are suitable and that the coronavirus situation allows.

More detailed information on this will be given nearer the date.

Saturday May 16th.  Discover Sailing (aka Push the Boat Out)

Carolyne Vines, who is our organiser for this, now annual, event has asked me to include the following:

Discover Sailing (previously called Push the Boat Out) Open Day has been scheduled for Saturday 16th May. As it is predominantly an outside activity, we are planning to run it.  However, we won’t be providing a BBQ as we have done in previous years. Carolyne will be asking for volunteers, as usual, to help to run this important day and will be in touch in the coming weeks. This event is unlikely to occur.



Until it is considered prudent, no food will be available from the Club kitchen.


The new Dutyman roster will be published shortly.  Please look at this as soon as you can and ensure that you can either do the duties allocated to you or arrange swaps for those you can’t.  Please try to arrange swaps in good time if possible; last minute swaps should be requested only when last minute problems arise.

River Conditions – Notice for OODs

River conditions continue to be potentially hazardous and may worsen if we have further rain.

During recent racing in the present conditions, two competing boats have suffered broken masts and another a bent mast following capsizes.  Boats in this state are difficult to assist and will be carried downstream quickly whilst assistance is being given.

Race Officers should monitor the river conditions, using the link given at the end of this Section, before leaving home to go to the Club.  If the wind is considered satisfactory for racing and the recorded Flow Rate is above 200 cubic metres/second they must arrange for two patrol boats to be suitably manned and on the water throughout the time that racing is taking place.

River conditions at Kingston, which are relevant to our reach, can be seen at

Looking after your boat

The recent wind and rain may have loosened boat covers and any tie-downs.  It will be as well to check your boat’s security as soon as possible as boats on the loose can not only become damaged themselves but may cause damage to adjacent boats.

The Club has a stock of ground anchors with which boat owners can be supplied.  If you would like some please contact Peter Johnson petnic2012@gmail.com  or Andrew Horwitz andrew@andrewhorwitz.com.

Pilates on Monday mornings

Each Monday morning, between 10:30 and 11:30, Joanne Zorian-Lynn  holds a Pilates class in the Clubhouse.  This Pilates class is suitable for all ages and abilities as each exercise is offered and demonstrated for all levels.

To book a place contact Joanne on -Tel: 07754 686378  These classes will be suspended until the Clubhouse is reopened.

Chris Pollard