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Last Week  17th to 23rd March

Sunday 22nd March  I went to the Club at mid-day.  It was sad to see it deserted, in bright sunshine with a keen North-Easterly blowing – a good racing day lost.

Sadly the Clubhouse will remain closed for an indefinite period.  During this period all the race equipment will be stored in the Boathouse.  We cannot prevent Club Members from using their boats should they so wish but they will do so under their own responsibility.  The Club will not be offering any formal racing during this period.

Eric is keeping students aware of useful on-line videos and information for them to look at until real training can restart.  He has also offered distance learning to last year’s students.

I mentioned last week that Chris Taggart had been self-isolating following an overseas trip.  He had, in fact, caught the virus but I am pleased to report that he feels he is over the worst of it, although still coughing and sneezing occasionally.  He feels that the recovery is probably not a rapid process and does not recommend it at all.  We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

I strongly encourage Club Members to join the WhatsApp group which will give us the means to inform you of updates immediately as and when they become necessary.  Kaan has put out an email giving the link to join the group.

Please go to the email and join the WhatsApp group .

Scheduled future events affected by Coronavirus conditions

Sunday 29th March  The Geoff Cooper Trophy for Merlins may be raced when the Club reopens.

Further Ahead

Sunday 5th April  The National 18 Spring Challenge may occur as an Autumn Challenge and run concurrently with the Adelaide Cup and Tamesis Anchor competitions.  A tentative date of 22nd August is proposed for this combined event – depending on the Coronavirus situation.

Sunday 12th April  (Easter Sunday)  The scheduled Easter Egg Pursuit Race is cancelled.

Saturday Junior Sailing  This will start when the coronavirus situation allows and the start date will be published in Tammy Matters.

Saturday 16th May.  Discover Sailing (aka Push the Boat Out)Postponed.

It is hoped that the Discover Sailing (previously called Push the Boat Out) Open Day will be rescheduled if possible when the coronavirus situation allows.



The Clubhouse is closed until further notice.  Some improvements will be effected during the closure.


The new Dutyman roster will be published shortly.  Please look at this as soon as you can and ensure that you can either do the duties allocated to you or arrange swaps for those you can’t.  Please try to arrange swaps in good time if possible; last minute swaps should be requested only when last minute problems arise.

During the period when no formal racing is taking place.

Those who choose to sail their boat at the Club during this period do so under their own responsibility.  If the river is flowing fast and the wind is such that there is a chance of capsizing Members are advised not to sail as no patrol boat cover will be available.  Club boats are not available for use during this period.

River conditions at Kingston, which are relevant to our reach, can be seen at

Looking after your boat

The coming weeks may be a time when you can improve your boat’s security by setting ground anchors to give firm tie-downs.  Boats on the loose can not only become damaged themselves but may cause damage to adjacent boats.

The Club has a stock of ground anchors with which boat owners can be supplied.  If you would like some please contact Peter Johnson petnic2012@gmail.com  or Andrew Horwitz andrew@andrewhorwitz.com.

Pilates on Monday mornings

This will not take place again until the Clubhouse reopens.

Chris Pollard