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Last Week  30th March to 6th April

On Friday I went and collected what little post there was and to walk around.  It all seemed to be as it should be – but deserted.

Sunday 5th April  A Beautiful day with a reasonable South-Easterly – a sad waste.

Club Remote Activity


Rear Commodore Sailing, Tim Medcalf has initiated on-line racing using Virtual Regatta.  This week he ran trial races and the interest was huge.  Three races were run and the rivalry was fierce, which bodes well for Virtual Sunday races until we can get back to the real thing.  See the report from Tim in News.


Eric is sending out On-Line Training by e-mails to those who are signed up to his Training programme.  If anyone is not receiving these but would like to, please let Eric know via the Training contact on our website and he can include you on his address list.  Scroll to the bottom of this Bulletin to see his latest Training in News.


During this time of enforced Club closure we are looking to facilitate communication between Club Members and to tailor the means to the purpose of the communication..  The most immediately useful looking techniques are WhatsApp groups for general contact and arranging sailing and Zoom for video contacts.


There are currently three WhatsApp groups set up within the Club.

The Merlin Class has a well-developed, closed WhatsApp group which it uses for passing information around, asking for crews or making offers to crew.  Merlin Members who are not yet in this group but wish to join should e-mail Joe McLaughlin  at:  tcmerlins@gmail.com giving their name and mobile number.

We can foresee, n the future, that the Lasers, N18s and training fleets will develop similar WhatsApp groups of their own.

TheTamesis Clubgroup is intended for use by Officers to broadcast important and urgent information to all members who are signed-up to the group.  Less urgent information will be passed on  in the weekly publication of Tammy Matters.  The ability to post messages to this group is restricted to Officers of the Club.  We have, as yet, not needed to post anything.

There is also the‘Tamesis Club Sailing’ group on which any signed-up Member can post a broadcast message or request to all other signed-up Members.  Please do not use this group for personal chats as you could be broadcasting to a hundred people – it is not private.  However, it proved popular and useful to the group engaged in the Virtual Regatta this Sunday.

Kaan has put out e-mails, sent from ‘Tamesis Club‘, giving the necessary links to join either or both groups.  There are currently. 76 Members signed-up to Tamesis Club and 51 Members signed-up to Tamesis Club SailingThe more that are signed up the better our ability to keep you quickly in touch with any developments.

I strongly encourage Club Members to join both WhatsApp groups.

Please go to the emails and join the WhatsApp groups .


We are also going to experiment with running Committees using the Zoom app.  This App should allow us to run remote group meetings or even face to face chats and we will see how well this works out.

Virtual Regatta Race Series

Following on from this Sunday’s successful trial of Virtual Regatta (see the article on the website), the Club will be running a number of Series over the coming weeks.

Starting this week on 9th April, there will be three races on Thursday evenings.  The first race will start at 20:00.  On Sundays, starting on 12 April, there will be six races each morning.  The first race will start at 10:30.

NORs and access codes will be published via the Tamesis Club Sailing WhatsApp group.

The racing will be in a range of boats and includes a series for 49ers, one for the more stable and tactical Racing Day Boats and a third, more advanced series, for the virtual trophy, ‘The Tamesis Club Pot Luck Pot.

50% of races run in each series will count so, if you are unable to join a race, keep trying for the next one.

The App runs best on games-orientated computers and does not necessarily run very well on business laptops

To join in with the races next Sunday morning please follow these steps:

-Register on the Virtual Regatta Inshore website.  The web address is: https://www.virtualregatta.com/en/ .  You can access this site from your Mac or PC and also download the App to your phone or tablet.  Registering is free and you do not need to buy anything during games.

Future Club proper racing activity will be announced as soon as the Government’s coronavirus restrictions are lifted sufficiently to permit it.



The Clubhouse is closed until further notice.  Some improvements will be effected during the closure.

Pilates on Monday mornings will not take place again at the Club until the Clubhouse re-opens.  However, Joanne, the Pilates teacher who does the Monday classes at the Club, has set up an on-line class at 10:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, £5 per person per session on Zoom.  If anyone would like any more information they can contact Nicky Johnson on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com

Members are strongly advised to follow the Government advice on coronavirus avoidance techniques and keep themselves fit  (Pilates group, Joe Wicks on U tube etc.) for resuming normal life.

Chris Pollard