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Tammy Trains from Home 5

Welcome to lesson 5
We ask students to bring an up to date weather forecast each Sunday .
These can be found from lots of sources , BBC (other media are available )  papers or on line .
I mostly use windguru which in addition to wind speed direction etc gives gusts which are the bit you need to watch out for
Richard Edgar (at the time a BBC weather forecaster ) told me that just going outside and looking West was as good a way of telling what’s coming .
He also said that the BBC weather forecasts tended to be out by a couple of hours because the computed programme they used didn’t take account of friction but no-one dared guess a more accurate time.

By now you might have had a “trip round the bay” with an instructor but before putting you on the water on a narrow busy river, we would do a session of dry land training on How to turn the boat or “tack”.
This video is pretty good

Let me know if this doesn’t work

I found it by googling how to tack a dinghy and it’s by the RYA
we teach it from”reach to reach”  ie sailing across the wind .
Here is how we would actually teach you
That’s Howard another of our instructors , he says sailing is solving problems on the water.
Sailors sayings:
Showing someone the ropes is essential on a boat where there are three basic types:
Standing rigging ie stays or shrouds hold the mast up
Running rigging ie halyards pull the sails up and down and sheets which pull the sails in and out.

Big boat stuff – this week ‘taken aback’

My mate Roger skipper of Lady in Blue has no formal RYA qualifications but has done lots of big boat sailing including a couple of Atlantic crossings .

We’ve known each other for years but this was our first trip together.
First task get thru the lock, as a crew you get shouted at a lot in locks till you get really good at lassoing bollards.
Once out into the Humber,  Rog put me on the helm to keep the boat head to wind while he hoisted the sails.
In hindsight I would have done this better by ignoring all the navigation aids and just looking at the sail.
There’s an app called SafeTrx which alerts the Coastguard agency to your intentions .
We didn’t do that but our wives knew we were going to a party, and Roger knew where it was .
To be continued
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson