Tamesis Club

eSailing latest, experience catching youth?

The second set of Thursday and Sunday races were completed with a continuation of strong fleets in all series.

Venues included picturesque San Francisco and Sydney but it is likely that helms were too preoccupied by the racing to notice.  The action is often fast and furious!

The latest standings tell an interesting story.  After an early surge to the leading places by the club’s more youthful contingent, it is clear that the saltier sea dogs are starting to find their virtual sea legs and applying the pressure.

Gaining a better understanding of Virtual Regatta’s interpretation of the RRS is also helping.

A number of experienced heads are starting to score well and moving up the rankings as a result.  As we go deeper in to the series and discards start to play a part, the leaderboard may shuffle further.

Tamesis Club will be sending a representative to the RYA’s Spring eSailing Championships and our selection shootout will happen on the afternoon of 3 May in a three race series drawing together the 12 best helms from across our current racing.  Information will be sent about how spectators can login and watch.

Thanks again to Zoe for setting up a post-race Sunday lunchtime drink and chat at her Zoom Bar!

The latest standings are below: