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Tammy Trains from Home 6

One of my Sunday tasks is to check on the current using the Environment Agency web site:
It’s annoying that the current has now died down after weeks of red boards
Subject: Tacking
This is from Sailboaty, try to find others if you can.
Subject:  Launching
If you are launching off a beach it’s also important to watch the tide so best to sail about high tide .
We can launch from slipways using finger jetties to allow the boat to point head to wind whilst rigging
See the Sailboaty link below:
It may take more than one attempt to get either of these two clips.
We also use these for Oppie practice before we launch the rest of the fleet


The prevailing wind is Westerly so usually offshore.   In an easterly onshore wind if we didn’t have the jetties we might sail off under jib alone then turn head to wind to hoist the main.


Sailors Sayings:
Taken aback is from the days of square riggers where if the wind violently changed direction it might blow into the front of the sail which could bring the mast down
Next Week:
Slush fund
Big Boat stuff
One of the things Roger said about crashing was “Eat before you are hungry, sleep before you are tired “
Having finally got under way about 5pm heading East with a S.W wind about force 4, I was far too excited before my first watch at about midnight .
Having wrapped up warm in his wife’s Musto gear, and firmly clipped onto my life line, I struggled to stay awake by reciting part of an old sea shanty
“ Look afore look astern look a wether and a lee
All down the coast of high Barbaree”
See what you might hit, see what might hit you, see any change in the weather.
On my next stint we were passing near an oil field , the boat was on auto pilot and GPS.   As I wasn’t actually steering it was a bit worrying as we sometimes looked about to pass a rig to port then it moved to starboard as the auto pilot responded to wind shifts etc.
Have you guessed where we are going yet?
Yachtmaster Questions:
If a wind is said to be veering it is moving in what direction?
How frequently should inflatable life jackets be checked and serviced?