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Tammy Trains at Home 8

Welcome to Lesson 8

This week we are looking at landing which is important as you can imagine, not the least to minimise damage to club boats.
Trouble is boats don’t have brakes so it’s hard to stop without hitting something or going head to wind. Have a look at this video


Hope that helps.
We have finger jetties which can make things easier but have to contend with the further problem of current.

This info from the advanced seamanship skills course is useful




Sailors Sayings
Chock a block is when the mainsheet is pulled in really tight (when sailing close hauled )  so that the pulley block on the boom nearly touches the one on the transom.
Next week:  Give a wide berth.


Big Boat Stuff



Big Boat Stuff

We arrived at 6am after doing 180 miles in 38 hours, the last bit at 9 knots with a following wind and tide was great.
It’s always a worry coming into a marina to find a good berth, here we are just beside the harbourmaster’s office and more importantly, the toilet.
It’s useful to sort this out on the radio before arrival.
It’s bad form to use the boat toilet in a marina.
Bad weather kept us here for a few days then we set off for …..to be continued.


Yachtmaster Quiz

Answers to previous questions:

When veering the wind direction moves clockwise
Inflatable life jackets should be inspected before every use and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Next Week
What effect does easing the main sheet out-haul have and when should it be done?
What is a dan buoy?

See you next week
Stay safe

Eric Finlayson