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Tammy Trains at Home 9

Welcome to lesson 9, hope you are well.

I believe that a sailing club needs three things to succeed, racing, training and social.
If it hadn’t been for Covid 19 we might well have been celebrating VE Day this week end.
Last time we did one at my old club we had spam sandwiches jelly and ice cream and tried to recreate a street party with lots of music and dancing.
What’s even better is if we can combine social with a bit of sailing as in our annual expedition to a Hampton Court.
A crowd of us sailed up to the pub (remember them ) and Carolyne brought up the non sailors in the launch.
Another important thing is to get youngster involved so here is something to get youngsters started.
Recent sailboattv videos have included diagrams showing a circle with a red triangle from 9 till 3 o clock called the no go zone.
To understand this we need to think about Points of Sailing.
Subject: Do you know your points of sail? | Inbrief | e-newsletters | News & Events | RYA – Royal Yachting Association
The key points are that close hauled is exciting , reaching is fast and safe and running needs caution to avoid a gybe.
Sailors sayings:
Give a wide berth is when anchoring next to another boat you need to consider how the boats will move around due to wind or tide and allow space for it.
In the present situation keeping 2 metres apart while exercising is the rule.
Next week … Bitter end .
Yachtmaster answers
Easing the main outhaul slackens the foot of the sail and is done when running.
A Danboy is a weighted buoy with a high viz flag and is deployed during MoB.
Next Yachtmaster questions
What is the purpose of a white flare?
Why should you enter the life raft direct from the boat (and preferably climbing up) ?
Big Boat Stuff
I expect my mate Roger is typical of many big boat sailors in preferring to sail long legs on a reach rather than frequently tacking.
He has done the trip to Holland so often that he has established a set of way points to avoid oil fields wind farms etc.
From memory it’s a bit like this
Whilst wind bound in Den Helder we explored the town and visited the Maritime museum (senior citizen discount available if you ask).
We started to develop a pattern of an early visit to toilet and showers then back to the boat for a breakfast whilst listening to the Dutch weather forecast.
Next week .. Locks and more getting shouted at.
Don’t forget we’re happy to answer any questions you have.
See you next week.
Stay safe.
Ps this was worth a visit!
Eric Finlayson