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Club position on Freedom to partake in Watersports

Use of Tamesis Club by Members permitted by the partial lifting of Covid-19 lockdown.

If you or anybody in your household display any symptoms of Coronavirus infection, none of you may come to the Club and you should self-isolate for the Government recommended period.

If you handle anything that you have not brought with you it is suggested that you wear gloves when doing so or use hand sanitiser afterwards.

If you think you may use Club equipment (ie. chairs, tables etc.) please bring sanitiser and cloths to wipe them down before and after use.

As a result of the easing of lockdown conditions, announced on 10th May, limited water-sports are now permitted and some elements of the Tamesis Club facilities are available to Members to enjoy this new freedom.  Members must, however, observe the social distancing and all other Government imposed conditions at all times.

On Club premises, you and all members of your household must observe the two metre social distancing from members of all other households.  Please ensure that any young children do not break this restriction.

The Clubhouse and Changing Rooms are closed, so no toilet or washing facilities are available at the Club.  If you intend going on the water you should change into your sailing kit at home.

The Club Patrol boats are currently mothballed and not available for use.  The two metre rule makes giving assistance from a patrol boat impractical.

Club boats are not available for Members to use at the present time.

Sailing, paddleboarding and canoeing are allowed if done within the Government restrictions.

The Club will not be organising any racing during this period.  Any sailing or other activity on the water is entirely at your own responsibility and risk.

If you go on the water  you must wear a buoyancy aid.

Before going out on the water, consider your capabilities in the light of the prevailing weather conditions, bearing in mind that there is no assisted recovery available.  If in any doubt, do not go afloat.  Masthead floats are recommended whilst these restrictions are in force.

Be careful to keep to the social distancing rules whilst rigging, launching and recovering craft and whilst on the water.

Ensure that your boat is sound and the rigging is in good condition.  It is suggested that you read the article at  Clubsailor.co.uk .

Single-handed sailing by helms under 16 is not allowed.

Under 16s can sail in crewed boats with members of their own household.

The lawn and riverfront are there for your enjoyment – whilst keeping the correct distancing.

The current advice from EA and RYA is reproduced in brief below.

From the EA – issued 15th May

In line with the updated government guidance issued on 10 May, non-powered water sports like kayaking and rowing can resume. Boat owners may also now visit their moored boats to make sure they are well-maintained. Any activities undertaken, however, must be done alone or with your household and you must always follow social distancing guidelines when encountering others.

From the RYA – Issued 11th May

From Wednesday, 13 May unlimited outdoor activity will be permitted in England, and we understand that this will include all forms of boating.  The Prime Minister also indicated that people would be permitted to travel to other destinations in order to exercise.  Any activity will still need to be alone or with members of a single household, and social distancing must be followed at all times.

Full text at https://www.rya.org.uk/newsevents/news/Pages/coronavirus-advice-and-information-for-recreational-boaters.aspx

The RNLI is currently working through the updated guidance in England delivered by the UK Prime Minister on 11 May and will be engaging with a number of watersport governing bodies and other stakeholders to help inform its response.

Be sensible – and stay alert!

Last Week  12th to 18th May

On Saturday, as is becoming customary, I went to the Club to see if there was any post – none this week.

The Harbourmaster, Andrew, and family were continuing with a programme of smartening up the Club whilst the lockdown (now partial) continues.  During the lockdown, Charles has continued progressing various projects to improve our facilities.

Tim continued the Virtual Regatta racing on Tuesday evening for Juniors and ‘Masters’.  These were well attended and a good training ground for the more vigorous Thursday series.

On Wednesday, Jodok, as the selected Club representative, competed in the RYA London and South-East semi-finals, managing a creditable 12th which qualified him for the Finals on Friday.  On Friday he competed in the Regional Final, followed by a considerable number of groupies, scoring a magnificent 2nd in the first race and finishing 8th overall in a very hot competition.  Very well done Jodok, a credit to the Club.

Sunday 16th May.  A sunny day in partial lockdown but the new Virtual Racing series was continued with ever growing interest being shown.   See the full report by Tim in News.

During the week  A number of Zoom meetings were held to consider how we should implement the partial lifting of lockdown and the ability to resume watersports.

Club Remote Activity

Racing – Virtual Regatta Race Series

The new four-week series started this Sunday and, together with the Thursday evening series, will continue the current core activity. The newly initiated series for Juniors and ‘Masters’ will continue on Tuesday evenings.  Full details have been published via the Tamesis Club Sailing WhatsApp group.

Anyone who hasn’t tried Virtual Regatta can download the App and have some practice before joining the racing.  To join in please follow these steps:

Register on the Virtual Regatta Inshore website.  The web address is: https://www.virtualregatta.com/en/ .  You can access this site from your Mac or PC and also download the App to your phone or tablet.  Registering is free and you do not need to buy anything during games.

Future Club on-the-water racing activity will be announced as soon as the Government’s coronavirus restrictions are lifted sufficiently to permit it.


Eric continues sending out On-Line Training by e-mails to those who are signed up to his Training programme.  If anyone is not receiving these but would like to, please let Eric know via the Training contact on our website and he can include you on his address list.  Scroll to the bottom of this Bulletin to see his latest Training in News.


During this time of enforced Club closure we have adopted the use of WhatsApp groups for general contact and arranging sailing and Zoom for video contacts.


The ‘Tamesis Club Sailing’ Group gets highly animated when the Group engaged in the Virtual Regatta is active.  When normal sailing is resumed this Group is designed to help helms find crews and vice-versa.

The Tamesis Club Group is intended for and restricted to use by Officers to broadcast important and urgent information to all Members who are signed-up to the Group.  Less urgent information will be communicated in the weekly publication of Tammy Matters.

A reminder that Kaan put out an e-mail, sent from ‘Tamesis Club’ on 29th March, giving the necessary links to join either or both Groups.  The more who sign up, the better our ability to keep you quickly in touch with any developments.  There are currently 78 Members signed-up to Tamesis Club and 66 Members signed-up to Tamesis Club Sailing.

I strongly encourage Club Members to join particularly the ‘Tamesis Club‘ WhatsApp group as this is the fastest way that you can receive urgent information.


Next Sunday’s ‘Tammy Natters’ informal Zoom social at Phil’s Bar will be initiated by Zoe Adams as is now customary.  If you would like to catch up with some people you haven’t seen for a while, do join in. Here are this coming Sunday’s joining details:

Tammy Natters:    May 24, 2020 01:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 913 5058 3747

Password: 283094

A Reminder.  Joanne, the Pilates teacher who did the Monday classes at the Club, has set up an on-line class at 10:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, £5 per person per session on Zoom.  If anyone would like any more information they can contact Nicky Johnson on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com

Members are strongly advised to follow the Government advice on coronavirus avoidance techniques and to keep themselves fit  (Pilates group, Joe Wicks on U tube, etc.) for resuming normal life.

Chris Pollard