Tamesis Club

Training from Home 11

Welcome to lesson 11.
The club is taking tentative steps to Start Sailing again, at the moment this is only available to boat owners but I’ll keep you informed of any developments.
I’ve always thought Man Overboard recovery is a very good test of sailing ability as well as being a pretty useful skill in an emergency.
The following clip also covers being towed which can be very useful on the river.
An RYA version is also worth a look
On the river it’s sometimes difficult to get far enough away before tacking but at least you don’t have to worry about the current.
Also with the flukey winds we have to deal with it can be very tricky.
The main thing is to ‘play’ the sail letting it out and pulling it in to control speed.
From experience Dog Overboard recovery is even harder as the victim can be surprisingly fast.
We don’t use real victims on the river tho.
A important member of the team is Paul the bosun, As well as fixing boats he does a mean highland fling.
We keep a defects log by the phone in the clubhouse so if you notice something wrong on a boat you should make a note of it there.
Fun with Boats
Another little project
Sailors sayings
Mind your Ps and Qs relates to the slate used in pubs to keep a tally of each customers drinks ie number of Pints and Quarts.
Next Week – Dead Beat
Big Boat Stuff (Incompetent crew)
The IJsselmeer is a great place to cruise being about 30 km wide by 60km long with marinas at regular intervals so it’s almost always possible to plan a days sail to somewhere nice.
On Tuesday 21st we headed off NE to Hindeloopen taking about 5 hours.
As often happens there are two marinas, we chose the smaller old one rather than the much larger new one.

In many ways Dutch food reminds me of my childhood in Scotland , tasty and filling but not very adventurous, however there are some real treats to be found.
The first is Kibling, bite sized chunks of battered cod often sold from a little kiosk and accompanied by chips met mayonnaise.
Another great find was pea soup which if properly done should be thick enough to stand a spoon up in.
Hindeloopen is really picturesque (Or at least the bit we looked at is)


Yachtmaster Quiz

Answers to last week:

Sound signals in restricted visibility should be one long the two short at two minute intervals
Land contours on a coastal chart can be used to confirm locations

This weeks’s questions

When entering a harbour with a red white and green sector light if you are in green which way should you alter course to ?
Is it safe to use a foam based fire extinguisher on an electrical fire?

Stay safe, see you next week.

Eric Finlayson