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Training from Home 14

Welcome to Lesson 14
This week I took part in an RYA webinar about how to restart training.
Based in the existing rules this is going to be pretty difficult.
Teaching could be possible either one to one or with up to five students, mostly on single handers although families might use larger boats.
With toilets closed sessions might be limited to one hour.
Difficulties on rescue boat distancing might mean extra care on the water i.e reefing or sailing in a safe space.

However by the time we are able to start the rules (particularly the 2m rule) may have been relaxed so we’ll follow the guidance and keep you informed.

One of the first big race meetings I took part in was a six hour relay race at Littleton.
Sailing an Enterprise I was outmanoeuvred at the start by an embryonic Ben Ainslie in an Oppie and told to do a 720 degree penalty turn after the gun.
Two general recalls, three starts and 2160 degrees rotation I was almost too dizzy to start at all.
The first general recall would probably have cancelled my penalty.
My advice for beginners is to stay out of trouble at the start and concentrate on boat speed.
Once you get better you can get into the competitive stuff as shown on this video
This video uses models but has some good stuff
Subject: 5 – Starting Strategies Episode Three – The Dinghy Start
These boats in a pursuit race show good balance trim and sail setting , look at the tell tales
“To Finish First ..First you have to Finish “ so capsizing is not a winning strategy, we’ll talk about that next week.
Sailors Sayings
Last Week’s answer:  I learned the origin of Bogey Men in a recent news article about a boat full of performance artists stuck on the Pacific due to Covid.
Apparently one of the cast is descended from a tribe of Indonesian pirates called Bugis
Hence Bogeymen
New one – answer next week:   Hand over Fist.
Fun with Boats
You Tube – How to Make a Paper Boat
Big Boat Stuff
Incompetent crew
Urk is strongly religious with a long fishing tradition.
Sadly the fishermen’s monument lists members of several generations of the same few families being lost at sea.
They do have a thriving race fleet
On another occasion we met them apparently sailing all the way (30 odd miles ) to Enhuizen and back?
Fishing is still big business and one of the major employers is a haulage company.
The drivers regularly use the bar and other facilities at Roger’s club in Grimsby so every couple of years they throw a party for any of the club who can get over to Holland
There is a fantastic fish barbecue and unlimited booze which we tried to repay with some music.  The firm also have a choir so this developed into a lengthy session.
Next day we were all pretty wrecked so chilled out in a local pub by the waters edge ,  just of shore there is a partiality submerged rock known locally as the “Oublie Boublie Stane “.
Apparently children are told that’s where babies come from!
Yachtmaster Quiz
The horse latitudes are between 30 and 40 degrees north and south
Bleeding a Diesel engine gets air out
Next Week
1 What is the light sequence of a Westerly Cardinal mark ?
2 What is the disadvantage of a “bilge keel “ ?
 Stay safe
Eric Finlayson