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Club Position on the Freedom to Partake in Watersports

Although the Clubhouse and Changing Rooms are still closed, some use of Tamesis Club by Members is permitted by the partial lifting of the Covid-19 lockdown.  Please click on the Red Banner on the website home page to use the link on it to read the current conditions and information for use of the Club.

This coming Sunday we are organising a trial which we hope will allow us to provide some racing within the current Government guidelines (which are changing from time to time) although not in the standard Sunday morning format.  Our ability to provide this racing will depend on those who enter the races complying strictly with the conditions and instructions given to them, which will be aimed at avoiding justified complaints from observers.  Restricted access to the Changing Room toilets will be available but the showers and changing areas will remain closed.

Last Week  16th to 22nd June

This week the Wednesday Working Party activity was directed towards assessing those things which had to be put in place to make the planned resumption of racing possible.  A number of projects to enhance the Club are in hand.  If anyone has something that they would like to be considered, please let me know.  Although I cannot promise that they can necessarily be addressed with alacrity at least we will know what concerns you.

Tim continued the Virtual Regatta racing on Tuesday evening for Juniors and ‘Masters’.  These were well attended and a good training ground for the more vigorous Thursday and Sunday series.  The Sunday morning series will not occur this week as we will be running proper races again.

John Edmondson, who has taken on the Laser Class Captaincy from Chris Taggart, has instituted a Laser WhatsApp group similar to that of the Merlin group.  The invitation to join that group is given in the WhatsApp section below.

Sunday  21st June.  Another pleasant and breezy Sunday lost to real sailing although the Virtual Racing morning series was concluded with enthusiasm.  See the full report by Tim in News.

This Week  23rd to 29th June

As you will be aware, the Government is progressively relaxing the Coronavirus lockdown conditions and the Management and Sailing Committees have been working on a corresponding staged plan to enable Members to return to the water.  We now feel the conditions are right to re-start racing.

On the morning of Sunday 28th June, the Club will run two trial Class races with a start for Lasers at 10.30 and one for Merlin Rockets at 11.30.  If this activity proves that the Club and its Members can manage to race in a safe manner, which is compliant with the prevailing social distancing guidelines, we will look to expand racing in the coming weeks.

Tim Medcalf will issue a special Notice of Race as well as a set of special instructions that all Members who plan to race must read and comply with.  This information will both cover the racing and give details of the Club facilities that will be available.  It will be posted on the Club website as well as being sent out via the Tamesis Club Sailing, Tamesis Laser Sailing, and Tammy Merlins Whatsapp groups.

If you intend to race next Sunday, please could you inform Tim Medcalf via one of the WhatsApp groups so that we are aware of the size of the fleets which we will have to manage.


Eric is continuing to send out On-Line Training by e-mails to those who are signed up to his Training programme.  If anyone is not receiving these but would like to, please let Eric know via the Training contact on our website and he can include you on his address list.  Scroll to the bottom of this Bulletin to see his latest Training in News.


The newly started paddleboarding section has been very active at the Club during the lockdown period and it is really encouraging to see such enthusiasm for this new facet of what the Club has to offer.

Andrew Horwitz, our SUP Captain, has set up a WhatsApp group for fellow SUP enthusiasts to join. The planned Summer Solstice expedition on Saturday, 20th June, took place in sunny and breezy conditions.  The group headed upstream to Kingston Bridge and back.  See the report on this and pictures by Andrew Horwitz in News.


During this time of enforced Club closure we have adopted the use of WhatsApp groups for general contact and arranging sailing and Zoom for video contacts.  Since the WhatsApp groups have proved extremely effective for communication their use will become increasingly important.

The Red Banner

Since we appear to be entering a period where Government guidelines are being changed with unpredictable frequency, I will be using the Red Banner in the website header to present the latest information on any restrictions which have to be applied to activities at the Club.  Please look at this information after each time that the Government announces a change in policy related to Covid-19.


The‘Tamesis Club Sailing’ Group.  When normal sailing has been resumed this Group is designed to help helms find crews and vice-versa.  This Group currently has 71 Members signed-up.


TheTamesis ClubGroup is intended for and restricted to use by Officers to broadcast important and urgent information to all Members.  I strongly encourage all Club Members who can to join this WhatsApp group as this is the fastest way that you can receive urgent information.  This Group currently has 84 Members signed-up.


The ‘Laser’ Group has been started recently and Laser sailors are encouraged to join this Group.
https://chat.whatsapp.com/JdRQxAmO7ApIl81IIi6a1u w


The ‘TAMESIS SUP’ WhatsApp Group is now available for information on Paddleboarding.

If you do not have WhatsApp on your smartphone then you can download it for iPhones from the Apple App Store, or for Android from the Play Store.



Next Sunday’s ‘Tammy Natters’ informal Zoom social at Phil’s Bar will be initiated by Zoe Adams as is now customary.  If you would like to catch up with some people you haven’t seen for a while, do join in. Here are this coming Sunday’s joining details:

Tammy Natters:  Time: 28th June, 2020 at 1pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 728 392 2113
Password: 069218

A Reminder.  Joanne, the Pilates teacher who did the Monday classes at the Club, has set up an on-line class at 10:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, £5 per person per session on Zoom.  If anyone would like any more information they can contact Nicky Johnson on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com

Members are strongly advised to follow the Government advice on coronavirus avoidance techniques and to keep themselves fit  (Pilates group, Joe Wicks on U tube, etc.) for resuming normal life.

Chris Pollard