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Training from Home 15

Welcome to lesson 15.

We continue to think about how to start training again as the Government considers relaxing the lockdown rules.
One of the main areas of concern is the provision of safety cover particularly in a capsize situation.
Capsizing is pretty much a part of sailing and usually of little concern, although the first time I did it was in the Red Sea, sailing a Sunfish which is like a slightly bigger Oppie.
We were sailing in The Creek near Jeddah and had decided to venture out beyond the coral reef to find better wind.  Neither of us knew what to do but as the sharks live on that side of the reef we found out pretty quickly.
Anyway there are a number of things you can do so as not to capsize:
Spill wind, just let the mainsheet run out between your fingers and pull it in again after the gust
Lift the centre board a little, this causes more leeway but reduces the heeling effect.
Use a smaller sail.
Reef the sail either by wrapping it round the mast or the boom

Using mast head buoyancy cuts out the risk of a total inversion.  You can see a sausage shape at the top of the sail (pictured below) on the 2k (note it is biodegradable so needs to be dropped after use).


This video is for single handlers. Two person boats use the scoop method pictured further down.

Note at the end he explains how to get out of “irons”.  We teach that as push push pull pull.  Push the boom away from you till the boat turns and the sail fills then pull in the sheet to sail off


Two handed scoop method


Sailors sayings:
Answers from last week
Hand over fist is how you pull in a sheet or other line
This week  .. loose cannon.
Fun with Boats
Let’s move on from model boats to the real thing.
A great boat to start on is the Optimist , learn the names of the parts from this
Big Boats Bits
Incompetent Crew
Whilst Roger looked after the navigation etc and did any running repairs I had a number of jobs.
We had a kitty to cover drinks and meals out plus general shopping.
It’s handy to have a separate purse or wallet and unless you are a big tipper you need to work at getting rid of excess small change.  Not sure how contactless will change things.  If you are used to Lidl and Aldi you shouldn’t have trouble with the supermarkets.  What I found was that it was easier just go go systematically up and down the aisles picking up items from my list rather than look for things in the order they were listed.  That way I often found new things to try.
I also did the cooking and a bit of interpretation.
Yachtmaster Questions
Answers from last week:
The light sequence of a Westerly Cardinal buoy is a sequence of nine flashes and indicates safe water to the west.
A bilge keel boat has shallow draft but is less efficient to windward.
Thanks to Chris for this diagram
Also note the comment at the top on long keel being hard to manoeuvre
This defect can be minimised by bow thrusters.
“If the wind’s too strong
And it’s all gone wrong
Who ya gonna call?
Bow Thrusters !”
New questions
What is the difference between list and loll?
Why should diesel tanks be kept full?
Hope the attempt to race next week goes well .
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson