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Training from Home 16

Welcome to episode 16

Amongst many things raised in discussion about how to start training is the idea of having parents rather than instructors help youngsters rig launch and recover.
As you may know this is something we have actively encouraged not just at the early stages but continuing.
We’d also try to send parents pictures from training sessions with comments on technique etc.
This video shows the proper seating position in an Oppie which we don’t insist on to begin with and talks about adjusting the sail controls on different points of sailing.  We might go into this more in future sessions.
Wherever you sit sailing can be fun
PS.  When I mentioned push push pull pull I should have stressed that you push the tiller away as well as the boom then pull them both in to sail away.
Sailors Sayings
Changing habits during lockdown reminded me of the advice not to drink before the sun is below the yardarm!
Fun With Boats
I pick up any teach yourself sailing books I come across in charity shops etc.
There is a really good one (which I think I lent somebody) which helps parents teach their children in Oppies.
The following is one of the clearest explanations of the difference between a tack and a gybe –
Big Boat Stuff
Incompetent Crew
As I mentioned my duties include shopping and cooking which I really enjoy .
We would always have a big breakfast .
The evening meal we often took on deck
And I even had a go at swabbing the decks although we didn’t have a holystone !
Yachtmaster Quiz (All welcome )
Last weeks answers are
List indicates a boat isn’t perfectly balanced which  is ok in small measures but lots means the centre of gravity is too high so the boat is unstable.
Full diesel tanks allow less air in contact with the fuel and minimises condensation and the growth of diesel algae.
We quite often get asked to train people with extensive big boat experience so developed a Yacht to Dinghy conversion.
The answers to this quiz are in the handbook but google might help If you don’t have one
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson