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Training from Home 17


The RYA are considering the latest changes to lockdown rules and say they are liaising so maybe they’ll have as much luck as the cricket lot tho I think the emphasis has to be on finding safe ways to do things rather than loopholes to exploit .
Anyway I was looking for a good video on the upwind leg of a race when I came across the following which I liked so much I’m sharing it

Take a look at this video on YouTube:


For some reason that lead me on to thinking about sailing for fun, just messing about in boats!
Traditionally clubs relied on racing to keep an active membership, a few years ago RYA training devised the “Pathway “ scheme which lead to us doing seamanship skills and start racing advanced courses.
More recently the dreaded “focus groups” are looking at different ways to boost membership and retention.
One way we looked at was to have a ladies social sail possibly on a Thursday evening , sounds like a good start.
Anne embodies this spirit
And this lot seems to be having fun!
I plan to take this further when we have the chance.
Sailors Sayings
At the moment “in the doldrums “ seems to sum it up
Fun with boats
Back to the Oppie handbook
We do try to have a bit of fun as well, a popular game is a version of Simon Says which always ends with mass capsize
Big Boat Stuff
Incompetent Crew
I’ve always been interested in languages but when I was in Amsterdam with the petro chem lot the feeling was that it wasn’t worth trying to learn Dutch as they all spoke such good English.
However I think it’s always useful to be able to say hello, goodbye, please and thank you.  Any basic phrase book will give you the basics and I think lists of food helps a lot in supermarkets and restaurants..   My mate Roger had never been able to buy bacon in Holland because he didn’t know the magic word Spek!
The Dutch coastguard give a useful daily forecast at about eight when having beaten the rush to the showers we would be having breakfast.
Here is a sample.
Take a look at this video on YouTube:
So with the promise of a good wind we set out for Enkhuizen
Yachtmaster Quiz
If you need answers to last weeks quiz please let me know
When clearing a riding turn on a winch which knot would you use?
In Jaws which knot did the shark hunter ask the marine biologist to demonstrate and what would it be used for?
When we were talking about bilge keels the other week the graphic also showed yachts with lifting keels.
I looked this up in The Riddle of the Sands and sure enough Dulcibella has a centreboard under the table , she also has a pair of small bilge keels making her ideal for the waters between the Frisian islands and the mainland.
Not sure if this comes out in the film.
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson