Tamesis Club

Tamesis Club prevails in virtual team racing hosted by Minima YC

Mike Blackledge reports on the recent inter-club team racing between Minima YC and Tamesis Club.

As on-the-water team racing is on hold for the time being, six intrepid Tamesis Club members arrived at Minima Yacht Club’s virtual bar on Wednesday evening, ready to do battle online, using the now familiar Virtual Regatta platform, with spectating being made available using ‘Zoom’.

Tamesis Club fielded two teams of three, selected on a first come, first served basis – Team 1 comprising Richard Harris, Jodok Gerber, and Tom Low, with Team 2 consisting of Andrew Harris, Peter Impey and Mike Blackledge.

Tamesis Club went into the event quietly confident, all representatives having shown well at various times during the recent virtual race series, run by Tim Medcalf.

The series consisted of six races – races 1, 2 and 3 pitting Minima YC Team 1 against Tamesis Club 1, and races 4,5,6 being contested between Minima YC Team 2 and Tamesis Club 2.

Utilising classic team racing tactics, Tamesis Club got off to a flying start with Jodok, Tom and Richard taking the first race with a 1,2,3 combination, following this up in race 2, with another winning tally of 1,2,4. Minima YC fought back, taking control and winning the remaining match for Teams 1.

After a change of crews, Team 2 was next up with Andrew, Peter and Mike winning all three of their matches, their final race being a resounding 1,2,3 for Tammy.

Tamesis Club therefore took a convincing overall series victory, five races to Minima’s one.

A great evening’s entertainment wash had by all, and thanks go to Minima YC’s Robin Broomfield for kindly organising the event.

There was much talk in the virtual bar afterwards, of a re-match, maybe even in real boats at some point! Such was the success of the event, virtual team racing between Tamesis Club and other local London clubs is currently being investigated, with the hope of maybe converting some of these matches to real life on-water competition.