Tamesis Club

Training from Home 19

Welcome to lesson 19

It’s still difficult to see when we can safely start dinghy training so I thought we’d have a look at powerboats.
As well as formal RYA training we offer an in house Patrol boat Skipper course.
We have three boats of which Tamesis 3 is best for social distancing.
A handbook has been produced, Andrew Horowitz can provide copies, but here is the relevant page
One of the trickiest and best fun exercise is turning in confined spaces
Doing it between the finger jetties is hard so maybe leaving the fenders on was a good idea.
Here is an explanation of how it’s done
Our youngsters are better behaved than this –
Sailing can be fun
One of the best days I had “sailing” was providing in pool rescue cover for kids in a temporary pool at the BBC club annual festival at Motspur Pk
You also get to go to great places and meet interesting people like these steam punks at Bremerhaven Tall Ships event
Sailors sayings
Listening to the radio I just heard “copper bottomed”
Big Boat Stuff – Incompetent Crew
With a following wind the trip from Urk to Enkhuizen was easy enough for me to start looking at the navigation aids on the boat
I really liked the speed screen so I could actually see the effects of sail setting , I was a bit nervous of touching the others much.
Enkhuizen has a typical modern marina , the mooring aisles are like those shown in the powerboat video
The town is nice and the chandlers is incredible
Yachtmaster quiz
Answer from last week:  The knot to sort out a riding turn on a winch is the rolling hitch and the Test knot in Jaws was the sheepshank which I wouldn’t use for anything
New question – What do the letters M&S mean on a chart
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson