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I was trying to find suitable you tube clips to carry on the themes of power boat and sailing for fun, when I came across a couple of recent RYA Covid related releases which tho a bit long are pretty good .
This got me thinking about the RYA in general.
I’m sure they tried to have an input into the Brexit debate but sadly with little obvious success,however they will doubtless prove invaluable in keeping us informed about the inevitable problems that will crop up and possibly even giving legal assistance .
They are currently doing great work providing useful advice on Covid measures like this
Subject: SAFETY BOAT SOLO CREWING TOP TIPS – Club Development with RYA Club Zone
Many of us have benefited from RYA training courses , Stewart and I had a great time learning safety boat techniques which we could pass on to the club like total inversion recovery
Over the years the river has silted up so we need to use a cut down rig for this.
The RYA are obviously a big help in training but are also useful to the club in terms of providing information on important issues like “hooking “ as discussed last week and cold water shock.
They also provide help for [sponsor] our annual  recruiting event formally known as Push the Boat Out.
Sailors sayings  “on the right tack “
Fun with Boats
This is obviously aimed at youngsters and is a bit shouty but has some good stuff


But it’s still about having fun
Big Boat Bits
Incompetent crew
We had the boat safely moored in Enkhuizen
So as the railway station was just beside the marina we decided to go off for the day and where better than Amsterdam.
I managed to find my way from the Dam square to the Princegracht where I briefly lived in 1970 but got totally lost looking for the Rikesmuseum which as it happens was partially closed for refurbishment which was actually an advantage as most of the good bits including the Night Watch were gathered together in a reduced space .
We then went looking for a Richstafel the Indonesian curry dish .
These days there are several different versions on offer including even Mongolian but I think the original is still best .
Enkhuizen is beside the dam separating the Ijeselmer from the Markenmeer which is where we go next .
Yachtmaster quiz
Answer to last weekK  Sailing downwind with a 20 it wind and 6kts boat speed the apparent wind would be 14 kits
New question:  In the context of a hurricane warning what does the dangerous semicircle mean ?
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson