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Although the Clubhouse and Changing Rooms are still closed, some use of Tamesis Club by Members is permitted by the partial lifting of the Covid-19 lockdown.  Please click on the Red Banner beneath the pictures on the website home page and read the notice which will appear. This will reveal the current conditions and information for use of the Club and how to record your going there.

Please do ensure that you sign yourself in every time you visit the Club.  The preferred way is by texting your name(s) to 07547 691 416.  Alternatively sign in the book in the undercroft.  This is required if we are to justify being able to have more than 30 people at any time.  Do not try to sign in using any of the WhatsApp groups.

The current Government advice is in a state of flux at the moment but we have considered the advice to see how far we think it is advisable to implement the RYA guidance.  In line with the RYA advice, non-family/bubble crews are permitted for double handed boats.  It is recommended that non-bubble crews wear  gloves, masks and long trousers.  If infection rates take a turn for the worse we may revert to family/bubble crews only.

Last Week  4th to 10th August

This week saw the first of our Summer Camps, organised by Tim and run by Ben Kimbell with assistance from Ben Ramage, Iwan Drewett, Alden Horwitz and Caitlin.  They were blessed with excellent weather and all the participants seem to have enjoyed themselves immensely.  We saw some of the participants joining in the Sunday racing, which is great.

Thursday evening saw John Adams run the first of our four race General Handicap Series with the first outing of an Eighteen this year, along with 2 Merlins and 4 Lasers.  See John Adams’ full report in News.

Sunday was sticky hot with a fitful North-easterly breeze and our three-race programme was run over a long dogleg course this week.  The shoreside workload is getting easier as people get more familiar with the pattern and, again, thank you to all the entrants for their patience and discipline whilst going afloat.  Ten Lasers, a Feva and three Toppers and six Merlins raced.  Read the full report by Tim Medcalf in News.

Thank you Jim and Bonnie Green for running the races, David and Debbie Baker and Martin Adams for manning the Patrol Boat and acting as Beachmaster and Tim for organising it all.  Please continue to inform Tim of your intention to race, it has really made the control of the shoreside operations much easier.

Social distancing ashore is still not perfect but people are getting more conscious of crowding on the Veranda round the Bar and that looked much better.  Observing the limitation of six people in a group is very unnatural and 2 metres seems a very long way away, but we have to do it for as long as it is required.  Thank you Carolyne, Rosalind and Nicky for running the Veranda Bar which helps so much to engender the Club spirit.

Whilst it is really good to see so many people using and enjoying the Club again, please could you all be sure to put your picnic and bar debris into the appropriate bins as you leave, it will help a lot.

This Week  11th to 17th August

No Summer Camp this week but the big marquee will stay set up to be the classroom and general shelter for the following week’s Camp.  It is available for socially distanced shelter if required on Sunday.

On Thursday evenings in August, a General Handicap Series of races will be run with the start at 7pm for all classes.  Three from the Series of four races will count for the result.

On Sunday we will continue to use the recently established pattern for racing – which is:

Lasers launch from 10:10 with their start sequence beginning at 10:25 and start at 10:30.  Following their race the Lasers will stay afloat out of the way until all Merlins are afloat.

Toppers and any Handicap Class boats can start launching from 10:40 with their start sequence beginning at 10:55 and start at 11:00.  They can come ashore as soon as their race is finished.

Merlins can launch from about 11:05 with their start sequence beginning at 11:25 and start at 11:30.

All start sequences will be notified by the low-pitched hooter.  All boat finishes will be notified by the high-pitched alarm.

During the period that we are running these abnormal race programmes, if you intend to race on the coming Thursday or Sunday, please could you inform Tim Medcalf in advance via one of the WhatsApp groups so that we are aware of the size of the fleets which we will have to manage.

We intend running the Veranda Bar, if possible, for the foreseeable future.  We will post what is arranged for the coming sailing sessions on the Tamesis Sailing and Tamesis Club WhatsApp groups, so watch out for this information.

Volunteers needed.

To make racing under the current conditions possible we must have volunteers to run the shoreside operations on both Sunday and, for August, Thursday evening.  In particular we need same household/bubble crews to man the patrol boat.  Without a patrol boat crew we would have to cancel racing for that day.  Please notify Tim Medcalf if you can, and are willing to, do a patrol boat duty.  We also need volunteers to do OOD and Beachmaster.

Next Week  18th to 24th August

Sunday racing to the Covid pattern – Lasers 10:30, Topper/Handicap 11:00 and Merlins 11:30 is scheduled and on Thursday evening the General Handicap race will start at 7pm for all classes.  Three from the Series of four races will count for the result.

The second Summer Camp takes place during this week.


Eric is continuing to send out On-Line Training by e-mails to those who are signed up to his Training programme as the Social Distancing rules make training at the Club impracticable.  If anyone is not receiving these but would like to, please let Eric know via the Training contact on our website and he can include you on his address list.  Scroll to the bottom of this Bulletin to see his latest Training in News.


The recently started Paddleboarding section has been very active at the Club during the lockdown period and it is really encouraging to see such enthusiasm for this new facet of what the Club has to offer.


During this time of enforced Club closure we have adopted the use of WhatsApp groups for general contact and arranging sailing and Zoom for video contacts.  Since the WhatsApp groups have proved extremely effective for communication their use will increase.

The Red Banner

Please read the notice which you get when you click on the Red Banner underneath the pictures on the website Home page.

Since we appear to be entering a period where Government guidelines are being changed with unpredictable frequency, I will be using the Red Banner in the website header to present the latest information on any restrictions which have to be applied to activities at the Club and how we are proposing to comply with them.  Please look at this information at least weekly to look for changes in policy related to Covid-19.  I will flag up any future changes with a side bar on the paragraph.


The WhatsApp groups allow us to pass urgent information to you.  Please join (or rejoin) any of the Groups by asking via the ‘General Inquiry’ category in the ‘Contact Us’ section on the website.

The currently available groups are:

The ‘Tamesis Club‘ Group. This is intended for broadcasting urgent information.  This Group currently has 89 Members signed-up.

The Tamesis Club Sailing’ Group.  When normal sailing has been resumed this Group is designed to help helms find crews and vice-versa.  This Group currently has 75 Members signed-up.

The Laser Group has been started recently and Laser sailors are encouraged to join this Group.

The TAMESIS SUP’ WhatsApp Group is now available for information on Paddleboarding.

If you do not have WhatsApp on your smartphone then you can download it for iPhones from the Apple App Store, or for Android from the Play Store.


A Reminder.  Joanne, the Pilates teacher who did the Monday classes at the Club, has set up an on-line class at 10:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, £5 per person per session on Zoom.  If anyone would like any more information they can contact Nicky Johnson on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com

Members are strongly advised to follow the Government advice on coronavirus avoidance techniques and to keep themselves fit  (Pilates group, Joe Wicks on U tube, etc.) for resuming normal life.

Chris Pollard