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I’ve been banging on about the National Sailing Centre so thought I might say more about it in case you’ve never been .
Based on the river Medina it was opened in 1969 by the Duke of Edinburgh which coincidentally was the year that he announced that the Royal Family was short of funds and planned to sell the Royal Yacht .
My old club Ariel which was a part of the BBC social club had a great deal with them to hold a sailing weekend at the end of their season .
We got a great deal by bulk booking & providing our own instructors
The guy running it (Brian Cole ?) would plan our weekend by the tide tables the weather forecast and the Good Beer Guide .(How times have changed )
On the Saturday we’d set off downriver and following the tide turn left to Yarmouth , right to Wooton Creek or straight on to Southampton where we’d find a nice pub to have lunch before the tide turned to haste us home for dinner .
Might be something the club could look into , their web site seems to offer an introductory visit .
Sailing for Fun
Apologies for quality but here’s a photo of Paul McCartney Sailing .
I believe John also started sailing just before he died .
Sailors sayings
In the last Archers omnibus Emma said something had
“taken the wind out of her sails “
I think the number of Sailing phrases in common use dates from after the Napoleonic wars when Britannia really did rule the waves with the merchant marine bringing in riches from the Empire and the Royal Navy holding it all together .
I wonder if something similar happened after the Battle of Britain
This short video on lifts and headers will help both racers and fun sailors alike.
Subject: UGA Sailing: Lifts and Headers – YouTube
It also explains how tell tales work .
My friend Paul’s tell tales are as always near perfect although he says he doesn’t watch them
Incompetent Crew
Voldendam seems to be entirely made up of fast food shops and trashy souvenirs
But they also have a couple of museums
So we cycled on via Edam back to Monnickendam .
Holland is nice and flat but fixed wheel bikes and Dutch roundabouts are tricky .
Having picked up a local trades map I found the local supermarket and discovered a  Nasi Goreng ready meal.
These and other ready meals in foil dishes offered a way to produce impressive on board meals with minimal effort which I’ve used ever since .
Yachtmaster Quiz
Last weeks question –  chart updates are issued weekly
New question
What is tinned wire used for ?
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson