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Training from Home 26


I did my RYA level 2 over 8 evening sessions mostly sailing Enterprises with a work friend Terry .
When we signed up for the Cowes NSC Sailing weekend his son who had several years experience joined us which came in very handy as we still had a lot to learn .
One thing is to check the slipway at low tide , the NSC slip is made of steel , is very slippy and is annoyingly short !
The planning meeting on Friday evening sorted out teams and boats and explained the fleet control system .
Basically our most experienced sailor would be lead boat maintaining a reasonable speed and distance from the shore .
The safety boat would be stationed at the rear forming a moving rectangle within which the fleet could sail at will .
Having collected our packed lunches and rigged our Wayfarer we set sail down river to the Solent turning right with the tide and had a great sail to the pub at Wooton Creek .
Terry’s brother warned that it was a lee shore and got us to drop the main to sail in under jib alone .
One of the other Ariel boats tried to drop the sail coming in on the run and had to jump overboard in the shallows before wrestling the boat to a stop.
After a pleasant lunch we sailed back with the now turned tide behind us enjoying a keen but informal race .
Sailing for fun
I found out that the boat Paul was sailing was a Sunfish which I used to sail while I was in Jeddah
I have read that John actually sailed a dinghy with his son but this is the best photo I could find
Sailing Toppers with children is definitely fun
Here is one of the videos showing how to get that bit of extra speed
Subject: How to sail – The Essential Factors: Part 4 of 9 Sail SETTING Reaching and Running – YouTube
If you use this to win races this may also help you get off to a good start
Sailors sayings
At PMQ this week Boris likened government policy to “tacking into a gale “
Our big boat friends would possibly say that isn’t always the best thing to do .
Anecdotally when a previous PM was helming a racing yacht his tactical adviser said
“ Bear away sir “ then when Heath turned towards the wind the adviser diplomatically said “Bear away the other way sir “
Incompetent Crew
Leaving Monnickendam we turned down the busy North  Sea Canal .
Luckily I had bought a sachet of traditional thick Dutch pea soup to feed us while we navigated thru Amsterdam and the locks into Immuden
Yachtmaster quiz
Chart updates are issued weekly
Sailing on a course of 180 degrees with a steady current of 2kts from West to East which side of the thumb line would you be and by how much ?
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson