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Dear all, we are again faced with a change in Government policy which we have to try comply with whilst continuing to enjoy our sailing

The new legislation which has come into force is more restrictive and introduces fines for non-compliance.  The RYA interpretation of the impact of the new Regulations can be found at https://www.rya.org.uk/SiteCollectionDocuments/clubs/RYA%20C19%20gov%20guidance%20QAs.pdf?v=1.4.1 .  This has further links to information which will show you the complexity of what we are trying to cope with since these links provide further links to more advice.

Practices to be observed whilst at the Club can be seen if you click on the link in the Red Banner near the top of the Home page of the website.  Please read this new version of the Notice.

With the colder weather approaching, although the Clubhouse remains closed for the time being, we are actively working towards making limited access to it possible.  We will advise when suitable arrangements are in place.  We have, however, arranged limited use of the Changing Rooms in addition to access to the toilets.  Currently only 4 people can use the changing area at one time, one in each screened-off sector and although the showers are not yet in use we are working on that as well.

We are also advising that those who are planning to sail during the winter and who have wet suits should wear them, particularly on blustery days like this last Sunday.  Those planning to winter sail who do not have them are recommended to consider buying one.  Hypothermia is a dangerous condition.

Last Week  29th September to 5th October.

On Saturday – We ran the National 18 Inland Championships Open Meeting with the competitions for the Adelaide Cup and the Tamesis Anchor.  Whilst there had been gales for the previous two days, the wind was light but the stream was getting stronger.  Four races were planned but the second had to be abandoned due to inadequate wind to compete with the stream.  The third and fourth races did take place and Matt P-J and Kaan won everything with Charles Fox being the runner up.

Thank you to David Baker as OOD, assisted by Jim Green, with Onursol Soyer, Marcus Chavasse and Howard Thatcher on Patrol Boat.  A full report on the races by Carolyne Vines is in News

The Junior Sailing session was fitted into the gap between the second and third races of the N18s Championship during the mid-day interval.  See the report by Carolyne in News.

On Sunday – A gusty Southwesterly wind, a strong stream and persistent rain presented very lively conditions for the Laser Barometer Open meeting.  A fleet of 13 Lasers pitted themselves against the elements.  The combination of a shifty wind and strong stream made for very difficult conditions and in the end Matt P-J took the honours with Jon Redding second, Kaan was 4th and Nev Upton 5th.  See the report on the races by John Edmondson in News.

Thank you to Tim Medcalf as OOD, assisted by Valerie Hamill, for the running of the races, with Ken Thatcher, Andrew Horwitz, John and Zoe Adams manning the Patrol Boats.  Also thanks to Alexey Anatskiy who, although not rostered to assist, volunteered and did number of useful things during the day.

This Week  6th to 12th October and further ahead.

Saturdays until the end of October, Andrew Harris will continue running the Junior sailing afternoons.

From Sunday 11th October we are intending to run the Winter Points Series for all Classes but using our established pandemic format with Starts for – Lasers 10:30, N18/Toppers/Handicap 11:00 and Merlins 11:30.  All start sequences will be notified by the low-pitched hooter.  All boat finishes will be notified by the high-pitched alarm.

During the period that we are running these abnormal race start times please do not sign-on to race at the Smithy (Race Box) if you rig your boat in the main Dinghy Park.  The OOD or their assistant will take the entries in the Boat Park as you rig your boats.  If you rig your boat in the area by the changing rooms or in the N18 area, please notify the OOD verbally that you intend to race.

Looking Forward

On Saturday 17th October the Royal Canoe Club has its annual Paddling Challenge.  They have asked if they can use our frontage to enable them to run this event within the constraints of the Covid-19 Regulations.  Following a meeting to discuss their request and to appraise them of our requirements for them to use the site, they are currently formulating a procedure for us to sanction.

On Sunday 18th October we are scheduled to run the annual Trafalgar Trophy pursuit race.  Watch out for the notice giving the start times for the various classes which will be published soon.

On Saturday 24th October we are hosting the Topper Open Meeting.  This event was well attended last year and entries have been good this year.

On Sunday 25th October  the Royal Outrigger Canoe Club have an event with a River Restriction.  We are about to hold discussions with them about timings so that we can both realise our racing intentions.

Running the Races –  ‘Dutyman’ allocation of race organisation duties

The staffing of the Race Management Team for each week is notified by the ‘Dutyman’ system and assists those who cannot do their allocated duty to swap with someone who can.

Although we have quite a good pool of individuals capable of filling the various functions, we need to expand this pool as much as we can.  We, therefore, invite both sailing and non-sailing Members to experience what the various jobs entail and, after shadowing and some instruction, join the pool who can help run the races.  If you would like to help in this way please get in touch with us via the General Enquiry contact on the website and, in the short term, we will make the necessary arrangements on an individual basis.  For newer Members this could be a great way to get to know the more established Club Members and become a more integral part of the Club.

We will also, when conditions permit, run some Race Management courses.


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A Reminder.  Joanne, the Pilates teacher who did the Monday classes at the Club, has set up an on-line class at 10:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, £5 per person per session on Zoom.  If anyone would like any more information they can contact Nicky Johnson on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com

Members are strongly advised to follow the Government advice on coronavirus avoidance techniques and to keep themselves fit  (Pilates group, Joe Wicks on U tube, etc.) for resuming normal life.

Chris Pollard