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Training from Home 30


The weather will probably start t o get a bit wild soon making capsize a real threat .

Early on in training we would show you a DVD of capsize recovery just to show you that it isn’t the end of the world .
There are lots of sailing videos on www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPkH81M6-NE or thru google .
Basically after a capsize you will wind up in the water between the sail and the boat 

You need to swim round the back of the boat and climb onto the ‘centreboard’

Once you get on the board, you can pull the boat upright, climb in, and sail on.

The good news is that we won’t ask you to do it until the weather is warm and we’ll practice it on shore first .

Sailors sayings
Batten down the hatches
Big boat stuff – Incompetent Crew
Once we got Lady in Blue through the lock and bedded down snugly in her mooring Roger and I had a much needed beer, making sure to offer a drop to Neptune in thanks for a safe return .
Looking back on an eventful trip what did I learn
Take a big towel
Don’t try to break in new shoes there is more walking than you think
In an unfamiliar supermarket just go up and down all of the aisles you may come across unexpected treats
To stave off seasickness stand down in the cabin with your head in the cockpit.
Eat before you’re hungry, sleep before you’re tired.
Yachtmasters quiz
Answer from last week:  If the satnav isn’t working you can fix your position by three point compass bearing, following depth contours or radar range.
New question
Sailing close hauled on Port at night you see a steady bearing green light off  the port beam.  What action do you take?
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson