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Sad News,  Leonie Steer, a Member of the Club for many years, passed away last Wednesday having battled against cancer for several years.  She was known to many at the Club and her occasional appearances will be sadly missed.  An Obituary will follow later in News .

Last Week  13th to 19th October.

On Saturday 17th October  The annual Royal Canoe Club Paddling Challenge took place successfully in what were, for them, ideal no wind no stream conditions.  They had asked to use our frontage to enable them to run this event within the constraints of the Covid-19 Regulations and it transpires that this has been the only event that British Canoeing has been able to hold this year.

Andy Harris was unable to run the Junior sailing session as the consequence of this event being run over a longer than scheduled timespan.

On Sunday 18th October the annual Trafalgar Trophy pursuit race was run in near calm conditions.  However, everybody managed to make some headway and it proved to be a Merlin benefit with the Trophy being won by Andy Harris, crewed by Matty Key, Peter and Richard Mason were second with Charlie Morgan crewed by Humphrey Dorrell third.  Well done to Henry and Ed Medcalf for taking on the difficult conditions.

Thank you to Rupert Fletcher for being Race Officer for this difficult race, assisted by Hugh McLaughlin and to Paul Jamieson and Stephen Lucas for manning the Patrol Boat.

This Week  20th to 26th October.

On Saturday 24th October we are hosting the Topper Open Meeting.  This event was well attended last year and entries have been good this year.

On Sunday 25th October the Royal Outrigger Canoe Club has a notified event with a River Restriction.  We have held discussions with them about timings and they are going to bring their starts forward so that they should all be clear by the time our Laser start is scheduled.  They will be returning to finish during our Winter Points Series 2 race time and our racing boats should take action not to impede them.

Looking Forward

On Sunday 1st November we will be running the Trowlock Trophy Race.  This event has been brought over from the Ariel calendar and is another Pursuit Handicap event.

On Saturday 7th November Kingston Rowing Club will be running their Kingston Small Boats Head and there has been a request that they would like to use our frontage to reduce the crowding at their own site.  Their use of our site will be controlled by Walbrook Rowing Club with whom we have a long-standing agreement about how our site is used.

On Sunday 8th November we will run the Winter Points Series 3 Races.

On Saturday 14th November Walbrook Rowing Club will be running the Teddington Head and again have requested the use of our frontage for launching boats.  There will be another influx of Portaloos which will be placed along the car park wall of the Changing Rooms.

On Sunday 15th November we will run the Winter Points Series 4 Races.  We need a volunteer to act as Patrol Boat Driver on this day.

On Sunday 22nd November we will run the Winter Points Series 5 Races.

On Saturday 28th November we should be holding our Prizegiving Dinner.  Sadly this is very unlikely to occur this year and the interruption to sailing which Covid has caused has severely reduced the number of prizes which can be awarded.

On Sunday 29th November the RCC has yet another event scheduled on the Reach Coordination about which I will make enquiries.  We will run the Winter Points Series 6 Races but will be starting later than normal.

We are running the Winter Points Series on the days scheduled for all Classes but using our established pandemic format with Starts for – Lasers 10:30, N18/Toppers/Handicap 11:00 and Merlins 11:30.  All start sequences will be notified by the low-pitched hooter.  All boat finishes will be notified by the high-pitched alarm tone.

During the period that we are running these abnormal race start times please do not sign-on to race at the Smithy (Race Box) if you rig your boat in the main Dinghy Park.  The OOD or their assistant will take the entries in the Boat Park as you rig your boats.  If you rig your boat in the area by the changing rooms or in the N18 area, please notify the OOD verbally that you intend to race.

For Winter sailing we are advising that those who have wet suits should wear them, particularly on blustery days and anyone planning to winter sail who does not have one is recommended to consider buying one.  Hypothermia is a dangerous condition.

Replacing the Smithy

The Smithy has withstood the elements, including floods, since 1935 and is showing its age.  We have decided that, with part of the Legacy left to us by Mike Goldsmith, we will replace it.  The work to do this will probably have to be spread over 2 weeks, with the result that a temporary Race Box may have to be erected or we may use the Old Starting Box on the Clubhouse roof.  The new Race Box will be slightly larger than the current one.

A potentially interesting Project (For the second and last time)

We have had a contact from a Mr. John G. Dangerfield from Ham and I reproduce his e-mail verbatim.

Would any of your members be interested in having an old clinker built sailing boat, any offer acceptable. It has no trolley and has been stored in the dry for many years. My father bought it in about 1957 and I think it is called a Twinkle 10. It would need to be seasoned in the open for 12 months or so and would need repair. It has oars, mast, sails (condition unknown) and buoyancy bags. There is also a small outboard motor but it would need a full repair.
I am on the other side of the river in Ham. It is a lovely boat but would need somebody with enthusiasm to take it on.

If any Member is interested in taking this on, please get in touch with me and I will pass you his contact details.

Running the Races –  ‘Dutyman’ allocation of Race organisation duties.

The staffing of the Race Management Team for each week is notified by the ‘Dutyman’ system and assists those who cannot do their allocated duty to swap with someone who can.

Although we have quite a good pool of individuals capable of filling the various functions, we need to expand this pool as much as we can.  We, therefore, invite both sailing and non-sailing Members to experience what the various jobs entail and, after shadowing and some instruction, to join the pool who can help run the races.  If you would like to help in this way please get in touch with us via the General Enquiry contact on the website and, in the short term, we will make the necessary arrangements on an individual basis.  For newer Members this could be a great way to get to know the more established Club Members and become a more integral part of the Club.

We will also, when conditions permit, run some Race Management courses.

Chris Pollard