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The current position concerning what will be permissible for us to do is unclear but should be resolved by Thursday.  It will almost certainly lead to my having to make changes to the information in the Notices and the Red Banner and I will revise them when the position becomes clearer.

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Replacing the Smithy

The work to replace the Smithy has progressed to the stage that it is stripped down ready for demolition on Wednesday.  During the period while the Smithy is being replaced, provided that racing is allowed, we will use the Race Box on the Clubhouse roof.  This has been recommissioned and a start line, marked at both ends by diagonally striped reflective boards, has been set up – a Transit on the Club shore will be arranged.  Whilst we are using this Race Box, we will be taking entries for racing in the boat park and elsewhere and informing the OOD remotely.  Please do not try to go up the spiral stairs to the Race Box.

Subscriptions:  James Berry, our Assistant Treasurer, has asked me to put out a further reminder that this year’s subs were due by the end of October.

Last Week  27th October to 2nd November.

On Saturday 31st October Andrew Harris ran the last of this year’s Junior Sailing sessions.  There was a brisk breeze which was enjoyed by 5 Toppers and a Laser 2K.  After the sailing a Halloween cake competition was held, the standard of which was amazing.  A full report on this will follow.

On Sunday 1st November we ran the Trowlock Trophy Race in strong and blustery winds with a strong stream.  OOD Jon Redding set a loop course in the part of the reach upstream of Stevens Ait.  Conditions proved extremely challenging and there were numerous capsizes.  Matt P-J in his Laser staved off the challenge from the Merlin of Andy Harris, crewed by Matty Key with Tom Low in third place in his Laser.  Full report by Tim Medcalf in News.

Thanks to Jon Redding as OOD, assisted by Anne Bayne, and to Simon Thompson and Chris Taggart and Peter Bide for manning the Patrol Boats.

This Week  3rd to 9th November.

On Saturday 7th November Kingston Rowing Club is scheduled to run the Kingston Small Boats Head and has requested to use our frontage.  If this event happens, their use of our site will be controlled by Walbrook Rowing Club.

On Sunday 8th November we will run the Winter Points Series 3 Races if permitted.

Looking Forward

The immediate future is uncertain but if continued use of the river is permitted the following events are scheduled.

On Saturday 14th November Walbrook Rowing Club is scheduled to be running the Teddington Head, if permitted, and again has requested the use of our frontage for launching boats.

On Sunday 15th November we will run the Winter Points Series 4 Races.  We need a volunteer to act as Patrol Boat Driver on this day.

On Sunday 22nd November we will run the Winter Points Series 5 Races. We need a volunteer to act as Patrol Boat Driver on this day.

On Saturday 28th November we would normally be holding our Prizegiving Dinner.  Sadly this will not take place this year.  In addition, the interruption to sailing which Covid has caused has severely reduced the number of prizes which could be awarded.

On Sunday 29th November the scheduled RCC event has been cancelled.  We will run the Winter Points Series 6 Races if permitted.

Insofar as we are allowed to, we will be running the Winter Points Series on the days scheduled for all Classes but using our established pandemic format with Starts for – Lasers 10:30, N18/Toppers/Handicap 11:00 and Merlins 11:30.  All start sequences will be notified by the low-pitched hooter.  All boat finishes will be notified by the high-pitched alarm tone.  We are planning to continue these signals in the Race Box on the Clubhouse roof.

For Winter sailing we are advising that those who have wet suits should wear them, particularly on blustery days and anyone planning to winter sail who does not have one is recommended to consider buying one.  Hypothermia is a dangerous condition.

Chris Pollard