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Training from Home 34


You probably heard about the oil tanker that sent out a Mayday message while moored near the Isle of Wight requesting help to deal with threats from stowaways .
Maydays or the less urgent Pan Pan messages are normally dealt with by the RNLI rather than the Special Boat Service and it’s useful to know how to do this even if you are only the crew.
Take a look at this video on YouTube:
We looked at rudderless sailing last week but I thought it worth another visit .
Every time you use the rudder it slows the boat down a little so it’s useful to know other ways of changing course .
For example if you are being blown onto a lee shore easing the jib can turn you into the wind and away from the bank
Subject: Watch “Rudderless Sailing” on YouTube
This one is really good for the instructor commentary
Sailing for fun
I had been sailing off and on for about ten years before my first capsize.
Unfortunately this was in the Red Sea outside the coral reef where the sharks live and we had no buoyancy aids rescue cover  or training.
It’s best to do it like this first
Sailors Sayings
Away from the water in a recent documentary about Rob Roy McGregor they explained that “mail” was a term for rent and blackmail was what you had to pay him to avoid your cattle being stolen .
Some people say the term “scouse” for Liverpudlian comes from “lobscouse “ a variety of Irish Stew with pork beef potatoes onions and a variety of spices.
This and other recipes are mentioned in a book called “Lobscouse and Spotted dog “ a companion to Patrick O’Brians Aubrey novels
Yachtmasters quiz
Answer 1.2  – when taking bearings for a 3 point fix always take the beam reading first as it changes most often .
Question –  1.3 A yacht with a fraught of 1.6 m  is on a mooring with a chart drying of 1.1m.
At what time to the nearest half hour will she float if LW 1000 1.2 HW 1615 7.2 ?
Big Boat Stuff – Incompetent Crew
We left Grimsby in Lady in Blue at 6am despite an adverse weather forecast of SE winds from 3pm hopefully turning NW strengthening with variable F3 meaning mostly engine sailing till by 9 it had come round to SW F5
My log for the 3.30 watch says wind still strong but sea flatter and a really nice moon,
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson