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Training from Home 35

Last week we talked about radio mayday calls .

I have done the course so knew enough to switch the set on and even catch a vital weather forecast when Roger was still in the shower.
However he has a life raft on the foredeck which we never discussed even after the fire incident on our second cruise.
This video has a lot of good stuff which hopefully few of us will ever need

Subject: Life raft details


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The key advice is that you only get into the life raft when you have to climb up into it ie the boat is actually sinking.
Can’t help seeing a parallel with lockdown, this really should be a last resort and we have to make it work.
The RYA had considered using education as a loophole to allow training to continue but has decided to stick to the spirit of the restrictions.
As you may know in the old days many sailors wouldn’t learn to swim as they thought this would just prolong the agony.
Conversely there is a fable about a frog falling into a bucket of milk, he wouldn’t stop swimming and wound up, sitting  on a pat of butter.
With this in mind I’ll have a look at survival next week
Capsize recovery of the week
Recipes of the sea
Spotted Dog
Flour, sugar, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, currants, suet, milk and eggs mixed into a batter and steamed in a pudding basin for 2hrs
Yachtmaster quiz
A1.3 1200 , the height rqd is 1.6 +1.1 = 2.7 , the range is 6m so using the rule of 12 the time is 2 hrs
Q 1.4 What is a rolling hitch used for?
Incompetent Crew
Sat 1st August
Managed to eat an orange for breakfast.
Sea still rough so forced to use the engine.
By mid afternoon the sun came out and the sea calmed so with help from the tide we managed a speed of 7kt s over the last few miles arriving in Den Helder at 6pm after a 36 hr rough trip so quick meal shower and bed .
Den Helder is the base for the much reduced Netherlands navy (might look into why )
The marina is just beside the Fort Harsen on this photo .
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson