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Things are looking up and the latest Government announcements would appear to indicate that we should be able to start racing again from December 6th.  The information in the Noticeboard and the Red Banner will be changed when the advice is clear and we know which Tier of restrictions applies locally.  That should be during this week and I will post the links to the Government and RYA guidance on both.  To read the Noticeboard use the link below.

Link to the Tamesis Noticeboard

Very little has changed since last week.  I go to the Club fairly regularly to do a security check and have noticed that several boats have accumulated water in their covers.  If you were to want to check your boat I think that it could be considered Essential Maintenance and be permissible within the current lockdown rules (See the Noticeboard).

Replacing the Smithy

The replacement of the Smithy continues apace with the first fix of the electrics complete and internal fitting-out under way.  See the News article which will be updated as progress is made.

Contingency Plan

We are very hopeful that the replacement Smithy will be operational when racing can be restarted.  If it is not we will use the Upper Race Box on the Clubhouse roof.  Whilst we are using this Race Box, we will be taking entries for racing in the boat park and elsewhere and informing the OOD remotely.  Please do not try to go up the spiral stairs to the Race Box.

Last Week  17th to 23rd November.

Apart from the work on the Smithy no activity at the Club has been permitted.  With the new Covid rules coming into effect on 2nd December, however, we should be able to run the Wednesday Working Party and get back to racing on Sunday 6th December.

The Virtual Regatta competition on Thursday evenings had Peter Impey as OOD with the first race opening at 8pm and 6 races being run.  Jodok published the results on WhatsApp on Friday morning.  This week there were 17 competitors for the J70 class and 13 for the F50 catamarans.  Up to 20 can compete in each race so there is still room for more to join in.

On Saturday both Carolyne and I joined the RYA Affiliated Clubs Conference.  It was quite reassuring to find out that what we had done during the period when we could sail and do other things on the river was at least as good as most other Clubs.  It seems that many Clubs found, like us, that they had people beating a path to their doors and some had diversified into paddleboarding and canoeing, as we have.

Looking Forward

Hopefully we will be able to resume sailing on 6th December and continue the Winter Points Series on the scheduled Sundays.  When we do we will use our established pandemic format with Starts for – Lasers 10:30, N18/Toppers/Handicap 11:00 and Merlins 11:30.  All start sequences will be notified by the low-pitched hooter.  All boat finishes will be notified by the high-pitched alarm tone.

Chris Pollard