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Training from Home 41

Lockdown Christmas

It’s hard to know what’s best to do about Christmas but here is one safe option
“ I had everything from a miniature Christmas tree to tinsel and plastic farm animals and a tiny lantern .
But the best thing was a conference call fo all my friends , it was an odd feeling to have people drop in and out and it was only after twenty minutes that I discovered Mum and Dad had been there the whole time .
I heated Gran’s Christmas Pudding then sprinkled the tiny bottle of rum onto it .
Although I could not have been physically much further away from them I felt very close to everyone that day .
A real Christmas “
That wasn’t a Covid positive student stuck in her Halls of Residence but actually Ellen McArthur on the Vendee Globe
Here is how Tammy usually do it
A less pleasant option ( which includes being “ embayed” is here 
Short version of Christmas at sea
Shared via the Google app
Lobscouse and spotted dog
O’Brian describes various Christmas dinners with Aubrey and Maturin . Menus usually include Sucking Pig, Roast Pork Christmas Pudding and mince pies
with real mince meat !
Christmas Quiz

If you get bored watching repeats on TV try this quiz.

The answers should be in the handbook somewhere.


The three sides of a sail are 

A    luff leach and cringle 

B    head tack and clew 

C    luff foot and leach

D    leach roach and clew 

The mast is held in place by 

A     halliards and stays 

B     shrouds and forestay

C     pintle and gudgeon

D     shackles and hounds 

3     The luff of the sail is the side 

A     at the front

B     at the back 

C     at the top

D     at the bottom

The sails are raised and lowered by 

A     shrouds 

B     sheets 

C     haliards 

D     stays 

The difference between a centre board and a daggerboard is 

A   there is no difference 

B    centre board controls drift daggerboard controls lean

C    daggerboard pivots centre board slides up and down

D    daggerboard slides up and down centreboard pivots 

The knot that is tied at the end of a sheet is  

A   bowline 

B   sheetbend 

C   reef knot 

D   figure of eight.

I’d like to send special thanks to all the students instructors and others who helped in the past and look forward to better days next year



Incompetent crew
I absolutely hated sailing round Leuwarden with its innumerable locks and bridges but it’s actually a great place with lots of restaurants museums and places of interest .
I also found a mural of HM Queen (who is allegedly delaying recording her Christmas speech to see how Covid/Brexit is going ! )
We’ll come back to the trip next year but in the meantime
merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson

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  1. Thank you Eric for keeping up with instruction all year albeit virtual. This edition is truly relevant to our current situation

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