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I hope that you have all had as good a Christmas as is possible under the current restrictions.  It feels quite unnatural to have to curb one’s inclination to be gregarious at this time of the year and it’s happening again this coming weekend at New Year.

We remain in Tier 4 for the foreseeable future which will prevent us from having any organised racing until it is lifted.  As was said last week, you can go to the Club but you can only interact with just one person who is not in your household or bubble which means that, if you go with a member of your household, nobody can legitimately talk to the two of you.  It is important that we observe the rules as provision has been made in the Tier 4 Regulations for swingeing fines to be levied.

The information in the Noticeboard was updated last week and that and the Red Banner indicate the restrictions which apply locally and there are links to the Government and RYA guidance on both.  Use this link to read the Tamesis Noticeboard.

As it would appear that announcements of changes to our Covid status habitually come up suddenly, I encourage all Members to join either the ‘Tamesis Club’ and/or the ‘Tamesis Club Sailing’ WhatsApp Group as this is the fastest means for us to communicate to you any change in what we are permitted to do.  Please join (or rejoin) either Group soon by asking via the ‘General Inquiry’ category in the ‘Contact Us’ section on the website.

Last Week  15th to 21st December.

A much reduced Wednesday Working Party continued making improvements to the Club infrastructure.  Amongst these, Peter Johnson completed the installation of a hoist for the Orange flag on the forward Transit pole which makes our start line compliant with the latest Racing Rules of Sailing, which come into effect on 1st January 2021.  He also installed the anemometer in the new Race Hut.

This Sunday’s racing was cancelled.

I went down to the Club on Monday to check whether any boats had been rolled over by the gale on Saturday night.  The only casualty was a white Enterprise which was restored to its trolley with the help of two Members who were attending to their boats.

Looking Forward

We intend to resume sailing and to continue the Winter Points Series on the scheduled Sundays whenever the Government Regulations are changed to permit this.  The current conditions are due to be reviewed on 30th December and we may hope that Tier 4 conditions are lifted as soon as is reasonable.

When we are able to resume racing we will use our established pandemic format with Starts for – Lasers 10:30, N18/Toppers/Handicap 11:00 and Merlins 11:30 for as long as is necessary.

In the meantime, Members are allowed to visit the Club and may sail casually provided that they comply with the Tier 4 rule of not interacting with more than one person outside their household or bubble and maintaining social distancing.

Those who choose to sail at the Club during the period when there is no formal racing taking place should check river conditions and are encouraged to arrange to sail with an accompanying boat, particularly if intending to sail single handed.  If the river is flowing fast and the wind is such that there is a chance of capsizing Members are advised not to sail if no accompanying boat can be arranged.  Members are reminded of the requirement for personal and masthead buoyancy and the wearing of wetsuits is highly recommended.

At this time of the year the stream can become strong as a result of heavy rain in the area upstream.  At the moment it is generally increasing.  Before attempting to sail, check the river conditions (particularly flow) at Kingston, which are relevant to our reach.  They can be seen at



Andrew Horwitz, the Harbourmaster, has been working on a system for ensuring that boats at the Club are identifiable and so assist James, the Assistant Treasurer, in sending correct invoices for mooring fees.  He has developed an identifying sticker which, in the near future, will be placed on the transom of all boats resident at the Club.

RYA eSailing Winter Club Championship

The RYA has announced its eSailing Winter Club Championship and Tamesis Club has registered to take part.  A series of races will be held in the New Year which will determine our Club Champion who will go forward to compete in the Regional and (hopefully) National Finals.  The National Finals will form part of the Virtual Dinghy Show at the end of February.  Further information will be provided by Tim Medcalf via the Tamesis Club Sailing WhatsApp Group.

Changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing, effective 1 January 2021

World Sailing has recently published changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).  If you would like to learn more, Chris Simon from the RYA gave this talk which provides a very clear explanation:  This video runs just over 1 hour and can be viewed at  2021 racing rules explained by Chris Simon. Int judge & umpire. Member of RYA Racing Rules Committee.

The Club will need to make a small number of minor changes to our Sailing Instructions and practices and these will be advised in due course via Tammy Matters and the Tamesis Club Sailing Whatsapp group.

Merlin Rocket 3520.    Following a successful racing career, Merlin Rocket 3520 is now in need of TLC and a new owner.  The hull is an Ovington-built foam sandwich NSM2.  The boat is complete with a carbon mast, twin poles, an assortment of sails, cover and trolley.  It does, however, require some work to identify and plug leaks, repaint the hull, repair the foils, as well as some re-roping and a tidy up.  If this project is of interest, please forward your financial offers to the Commodore, Chris Pollard, by Sunday 10 January using the General Inquiry category on the website’s Contact Us.


During this year Joanne Zorian, who in normal times runs classes at Tamesis, has been running ‘Lockdown Monday Pilates Live-On-Line Classes’ which have continued throughout, maintaining well-being in mind and body.  These Monday classes will continue over the Christmas period, as well as an 8am ‘Early Bird’ class on Tuesday 5th January.

A new January Pilates time-table available for everyone will be out soon and classes are £10 Pay-as-you-go or 4 for £35.00.  If anyone would like any more information they can contact Nicky Johnson on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com or joanne@joannezorian.co.uk

Chris Pollard