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Training from Home 42


I gave myself a bit of a holiday over Christmas but had found an article on avoidance of entrapment which with news of a Covid vaccine seemed to be appropriate .

It’s rather long but might help fill in the hours

Subject: Dealing with entrapments within dinghy sailing | October 2020 | Club Room | e-newsletters | News & Events | RYA – Royal Yachting Association

We do both dry land and practical capsize recovery  training and  teach that if in a capsize you wind up under the sail it’s quite easy to lift the canvas up enough to get your head above water to make your way out
As the vaccine is rolled out we may be about to turn the corner as the competitors in the Vendee Globe have just done by rounding Cape Horn so heading for home
Sailors Sayings  Batten down the hatches.  Seems appropriate
Yachtmasters Quiz
Question 1.9 was:  Setting off on a 60 mile passage Northwards across the channel wind Northerly force 4 the nearest tidal diamond give 085T 2.2kn .  On which tack some you start?
Answer  1.9   Starboard so tidal steam pushes the boat towards the thumb line
Question 1.10 What minimum mileage is required by a Yachtmaster candidate?
Incompetent Crew
Having finally passed Leuwarden we made it to Dokkum by about 4 .
The marina here is effectively part of the canal which circles the town as a defensive moat .
We found a mooring opposite a ridiculously typical windmill then set off to explore the town .
There is lots to look at in Docum and plenty good pubs
We ate on board and had an early night ready for a long trip on the morrow !
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson